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2011.08.01 Cyworld Updates


Update 1

I am not going to act

in order to receive love.


I will remember that love

and act with all my sincerity.

Thank you so much^----^♥

사랑 받기 위해

연기하진 않을 거에요.


그 사랑을 기억하며

진심을 다해 연기할께요.

정말 고맙습니다^----^♥

Update 2

Thank you so much^----^♥

정말 고맙습니다^----^♥  

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영


2011 Fanmeeting: Fan Question Time Fan Accounts

In addition to the question of what she has been doing lately and answering that she has been preparing night and day for the fanmeeting because expectations were high, these were some of the questions asked by fans to Moon during the fan question time:

Q. How is the set-up of the script character determined?

MGY: First, the way it is depicted in the script is given great importance. Since we need to know the intent of the person who wrote the text, we talk a lot with the writer, and ask with what intention or meaning the writer wrote it, and have a conversation. Then we either add changes or begin to think about it deeply.......... we primarily follow the script's foundation..

Q. As an actor, what would you say is your pro and con?

MGY: After thinking about it deeply, I think my pro is that I work hard. After time passes, and I listen to the people around me, they say I work too very hard. I think that's my pro and con. Because I try to work hard, I become exhausted and am hard on myself, and my strength goes in it. I also start to have more wants, so at times I think it is probably not that helpful.. Since I try too hard....

Q. Which dialogue from a project do you remember the most?

MGY: Although I remember each of them one by one, the one that comes to mind right now is.. Why are you laughing as if there is something to take from me? [note: from CS] kekeke These five coins are my all [note: from POTW]. Mu Gyul ah!! [note: from M3] I want to be a tree [note: from Autumn Tale]

Q. When filming, what was the hardest scene?

MGY: It's all hard, and I don't think there has been a time when I have worked less hard while filming. But when I'm not able to sleep and have to endure on pure mental strength, and when my body takes over my physical strength... While filming bust scenes [note: shots taken from the chest up], there were times when I fell asleep or fainted.. I think it was because of (overexerting) myself, and also the film team.

Q. Do you have a personal jinx?

MGY: When filming a drama, if I don't see the script from the beginning to the end, I become worried. Somehow I feel as if I'm not prepared, and if I get the script late when I don't know what's happening, I have to read it at least twice before working.

Q. Is there a part of you that your fans do not know?

MGY: Although there are times when I too don't know myself well, my emotions go up and down a lot... Like Jinil oppa has said, my emotions tend to be on the very sensitive side, so I cry a lot. And all of a sudden, my mood becomes up too. I'm also a bit timid, so I think I try not to reveal myself.. For example, if I am with someone, and the mood becomes awkward, I think to myself, what's wrong? Did I do something wrong? Then my mood becomes down..

Q. How do you monitor your project?

MGY: Well, I always ask team Geun Young to monitor.. Since my team also sees the script, we talk about it and monitor it. Following that, I ask the staff, and the director. During Cinderella's Sister, I asked the editor to monitor me. And I also asked people close to me too. Since I don't use the internet while filming, I'm not able to see reviews or monitor people's posts, but when the drama ends that becomes a source of study... I look at it from an objective perspective, which also becomes a source of study..

Q. Is there something that you would like to learn separately?

MGY: Skin-scuba. I really like the water, so I had wanted to do it since the past. And I also briefly learned how to film underwater during Painter of the Wind, I did really well kek I'd like to get certified. Ah....that's right, I'd also like to cook.

Q. What is your standard for choosing a project?

MGY: Something that could stimulate me. These days I'm trying to disregard measuring things according to a standard. I would like to do something that I enjoy and do well, and also something that could stimulate me.

Q. Which character are you most attached to? And why?

I was attached to all, had feelings for them, and tried to express them, so I can't exclude any...

Eun Suh [note: her character from Autumn Tale], I was surprised that I was able to cry like that because prior to doing Eun Suh, I felt like I was reading a book. I acted without knowing what I was doing then. I felt as if I didn't know whether I was Eun Suh? or whether Eun Suh was me?

Su Yeon [note: her character from A Tale of Two Sisters] is someone who doesn't seem to exist right? (spoiler) And so I think I was able to be more free, and I was able to be Su Yeon and freely run around.

Bo Eun [note: her character from My Little Bride] truthfully I wasn't attached to a lot.

Chae Rin [note: her character from Innocent Steps], although lonely, was a bright and energetic girl who begins to learn how to dance, and since I too was learning how to dance, it was fun.

Min [note: her character from Love Me Not] is hurt because she can't see. Because she is a child who tries to hide her heart, I wanted to be the first to open that child's heart and hug her.

Yoon Bok [note: her character from Painter of the Wind], since I filmed (POTW) for 9 months, more than any other set, I began to be used to being called as that character rather than Geun Young. I felt as if Yoon Bok was me.

Eun Jo [note: her character from Cinderella's Sister] was the first time when I wanted a character. I felt like I wanted to hug Eun Jo.

Mary [note: her character from Marry Me Mary], I had wanted to do a project that was bright and optimistic like Shin Mina's character in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, since the characters I did before, Alice and Eun Jo, were both a bit dark.

Q. What are fans to Moon Geun Young?

MGY: I have given this a lot of thought. They are people who I am extremely thankful to.. and sorry... ... .. (Bursts into tears) ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I am thankful that you give overflowing love, and I'm sorry because I don't know if I'm allowed to receive this kind of love? I think I should work even harder.

Q. What kind of 30s do you dream of for yourself?

MGY: I wish things could be the same as they are now. Although I will be older in age, more mature, and experienced. And since the 30s is also a time to learn a lot, fill, as well as discard. I just wish that I won't change a lot from how I am now, that I won't change in color, and am able to remain pure.

Q. Lastly, what kind of actress do you want to be remembered as in the future?

MGY: I would like to be remembered as an "actor". Rather than as a type of actor, I would like to be remembered just as an actor. Just as "actor Moon Geun Young"..

Conclusion: Moon Geun Young is real!!!

Towards the end of the fan questions, to the question, what are fans to Moon Geun Young? As soon as the question came out, she paused and the tears from her eyes fell drop by drop.

To think how much her heart is open to us and to see that kind of sensitive response, I realized that humans cannot live without love.

Although it's okay to cry for someone else, for someone to cry because she is thankful to me, is something that cannot happen without careful consideration.

We were able to easily see..

Her usual lovable, as well as, cautious nature.

I could not be any prouder that the only star that I know is Moon Geun Young.

In any case, I wish for that kind of Geun Young in the future too, and today's fanmeeting was a very happy time for us.

I love you Moon Geun young!

source: DCBH & Angels cafe

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영


2011.07.31 Moon Geun Young Letter to her fans

[c] soompimoons

Click the image to enlarge the photo


Moon Geun Young FM Pics

[c]Namooactors + Moonsclub


Clearer photos of Moon Geun Young souvenir to her fans

[c] DCBH


2011.07.31 Cyworld Update



Text on the bottom right of the new main:

Always 언제나

Thankful 고마워 Happy 행복

Thank you 감사해 Love You 사랑해

Text on the bottom of the main:

The sparkling meaning of reaching you at last is that 'although it is small, everyday confessions are not small'

너에게 닿아 비로소 반짝이며 의미를 갖게 되는 '사소하지만 사소하지 않은 일상의 고백들'

To you- and to me- thank you very much! really...^^

당신에게- 그리고 다시 나에게- 정말 고마워요! 정말...^^

Title / Artist

1 Sweet (달아요) - Park Jung Hyun (박정현)

2 My Song And… - Younha (윤하)

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moon Geun Young Speed Quiz at the FM

Speed Quiz @ FM (MGY answered 22 ques in 60secs)
Translation:coolmoon@ moonsclub

1) Greatest drinking capacity? 2 bottles of Soju
2) Do you have abs? There is no equal
3) Which fingers to use to pick your nose? With tissue, will get hurt when using hand
4) Least preferred nickname? 문주민 (Moon Ju Min)
5) First thing to do when you get back home? Turn on the air conditioner
6) Confidence in singing K 18 times? I'll be there
7) Number of contacts saved in handphone? 250 approximately
8) Recently watched movie? 127 Hours
9) Confidence in cooking? Nope
10) Would like to be reborn as a woman or a man? Woman
11) Ever think when you look in the mirror? No special thoughts
12) Metaphor of an animal? Human
13) Would like to be reborn as ? Do not want to rebirth
14) The most confident body parts? Eyes
15) If you were not an actress? A dreamer who dreams of becoming an actress
16) Want to be which protagonist in storybooks? 센 (Sen)
17) The first thing to do when you woke up in the morning? Go to the bathroom
18) Favorite group? 2ne1
19) Favorite TV program? TV Animal Farm (SBS)
20) One word to express yourself? 문/Moon
21) Favorite chicken parts? Breast
22) What is the most said word? Really???


Moon Geun Young Personally Chosen Gifts (Philosophy Book & Movie) to Lucky Fans!

Moon Geun Young chose these special gifts to give to her lucky fans at the fanmeeting. The gifts were personally wrapped by Moon [note: fans described the gifts as being nicely wrapped and taped down ^o^ ] and include handwritten notes by Moon describing the gifts and their significance to her.

Philosophy Book

Dull and difficult philosophy,

Meeting one person's life and experiences-

Although you can easily read it, it makes you think,

Although you think you understand it, you begin to question it again,

And before you know it.. it is a book that has allowed

Philosophy to be incorporated in me!

지루하고 어려운 철학이,

한 인간의 삶과 경험과 생각과 만나-

쉽게 읽히면서도 생각하게 되고,

이해해보면서도 다시 묻게 되고,

그렇게 어느샌가.. 철학이 체내화

될 수 있게 해준 책!

Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi) by Hayao Miyazaki

Sniff sniffㅠ^ㅠ A movie that when I watch it every time, I end up crying.

And also a happy movie that my heart feels like it is about to burst.

And so, the whole time while watching-

I have the urge to want to go inside the film...

My most favorite movie. Kkya ≥▽≤

으헝헝ㅠ^ㅠ 볼때마다 눈물 나는 영화.

그리고 막 가슴이 터질듯이 행복한 영화.

그래서 보는 내내-

영화 속으로 들어가고 싶은 충동이 생기는...

내가 가장 좋아하는 영화. 꺄 ≥▽≤

source: DCBH

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons


[FM PHOTOS] Moon Geun Young Gifts to her Fans

Moon Geun Young personally baked some Moon and Star Cookies for her fans.

Moonie signed over 500 FM posters to her fans

[c] as tagged + DCBH

More updates tomorrow!!


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2011.07.29 Cyworld Update



Gimme Dat- Ciara
Womanizer-Britney Spears


A gift for Moon Geun Young's Fanmeeting tomorrow

On the preparation of Moon Geun Young's Fanmeeting tomorrow
Her fans had a gift for her.
So cute right?

[c] Moonsclub


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moon Geun Young signature on a fan's helmet

Ah i should ask her number!!

I saw Moon Geun Young ssi (wearing a jacket)
in front on a hall theater at Daehangno .

It was so nice to have a sign ~ ^^

Moon Geun Young signature on the Stellar Arai Helmet

Arai Helmet on Limited Edition now! Haha

related post: HERE
source: korean blogsite
translation by: MGYIFC


Monday, July 25, 2011

Moon Geun Young photos taken by a fan

(Seems the guy beside Moon Geun Young is her manager oppa Kwon Sung Yeol )
(source: DCBH + MGY Baidu)


Moon Geun Young FM Posters

MGY posters at YeongDeungpo Arthall.

[c] MGYBaidu


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some Selca Pics of Moon Geun Young

Read More


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moon Geun Young attended a play yesterday

Moon Geun Young attended a play to support her former costar from Closer Bae Sung Woo on 7/23.

"Now at about 4 o'clock, at the Small Pine Tree theater, 'Asian Sweets' will start!! Since there is also a 7 o'clock show, please come to the theater^^ Small theaters are so pretty..!!^^ Right now actress Moon Geun Young is here^^ I'll see you all at the theater^^"

source: choeuncompany twitter, Angels cafe
translation: Soompi Moons

(Moon Geun Young and Bae Sung Woo joking while eating a snack during the middle of the poster shooting for 'Closer' in 2010.)
[c] soompimoons


Vote Moon Geun Young for Yahoo Best Korean Actress

Go to this site

Then Check Moon Geun Young's Box!

Then click no vote for Japanese,Taiwanese etc. Star

Then just fill up the Information .
After you fill up, click CONFIRM.


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Moon Geun Young's FM Ticket

All Moonies are excited on Moon Geun Young's upcoming Fanmeeting on July 30!
The photo above is the ticket of her FM.

[C] Moonsclub weibo


Moon Geun Young new CF?

Another CF of Moon Geun Young!

[c] Moonsclub


Moon Geun Young Spoted at Fradia

Moon Geun Young spotted at Fradia
yesterday July 21, 2011

(Fradia, A floating cultural space
on the Hangang River.)


Moon Geun Young Official Poster for her Upcoming Fanmeeting Revealed!

Moon Geun Young official poster for her
upcoming fanmeeting on July 30,2011

Gift - Moon Geun Young fanmeeting, the third story

[c] + Namooactors


Welcome to Moon Geun Young International Fanclub!

Hello Moonies!
Welcome to Moon Geun Young International Fanclub!
In this site, you will know the latest updates of our Moon Geun Young
so you must stay tuned Moonies!