Monday, May 2, 2016

[NOTICE] ★☆ 2016 Moon Geun Young's 30th Birthday Event ☆★

Hi, international fans.
We're from DCBH.

To celebrate Geun Young’s birthday on the 6th of May 2016, we are organizing a donation project.

As you all probably know, MGY has been to Malawi (Africa) as a volunteer.

The message MGY has left on her instagram after her return from Africa makes us think a lot.

Just as Geun Young has put effort, in her ways, providing the children in Malawi a better environment for them to grow up,

we thought there would be ways for us to participate in these good deeds.

As a result we decided to donate this project.

We would appreciate it if our internationals fans also participate for a good cause!


☞ Fundraising period: 2th of May till 18th of May

- based on the Korean time 18th of May is the deadline

☞ Paypal address:

☞ Fund transfer (to the organization): in the week of 23th May

☞ Donation organization: NGO 'Goodneighbors' international project fundings

→ The School of HOPE in Malawi (a region in Africa)

[KR] [EN]

At this moment the NGO 'Goodneighbors' is searching in divers field where many support are needed in the area of Malawi.

One of the project is the 'the School of HOPE' where MGY has recently visited as a volunteer. This will also be our donating project.

The transfer of the funding will take place in the week of 23th of May.

As the project begins after the broadcasting, it will take a while for getting the update about the project.

This could even take a few months depending on the progress.


It takes a few days transferring the money from Paypal to a Korean bankaccount.

We will therefore set the deadline on the 18th of May, 23:59 based on the Korean time.

Let's save the smiles of the child's in Malawi by supporting this event.

Thank you.

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[Article] Yeo Jin Goo, Yoo Seung Ho, Moon Geun Young, Park Shin Hye, what do these have in common?

[The Korea Daily Reporter Kim Woo Hyun] Each has grown uniquely. From childhood, their extraordinary acting and beauty captured the public’s eye and they grew up well as adult actors that are loved even now. Let’s find out about these grateful child stars when they were young, who are loved because they were so cute and because they grew up so well.

Moon Geun Young already shows a complete beauty as a child debuting in 1999 movie, “On the Way.” In the drama, “Autumn in My Heart” Moon Geun Young received a lot of love from the public and gained the title of “The Nation’s Little Sister.” In movies such as “My Little Bride,” “The Tale of Two Sisters,” and “Innocent Steps” and while ending a hiatus with “Painter of the Wind," Moon Geun Young distinguished herself more and received a lot of love from the public, stamping herself as an adult actor.

Translation credit: MGYIFC
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Moon Geun Young Instagram Update [April 26, 2016]

After coming back from volunteering with Good Neighbors in Malawi, Moon Geun Young has finally posted on her Instagram account. Moons reflects on her experiences in her latest update. She writes,

"I went and came back safely and well.
I was ashamed of my life at times while facing good eyes and pure souls.
Then this helplessness, how I was unable to be any help, made my heart break.
I am finally trying to be concerned.
So their lives can get a little better. So they can be a little more healthy.
I will find the things I am able to do.
I want to protect their pure happiness, their flawless and clean smiles.
I ask to those of you who see these words. Even a very very small concern for them can be a great force. Take an interest in life that has been run over and buried. Together please protect the children’s bright smiles. I ask you, even a small interest.
‪#‎Malawi‬ ‪#‎children‬ ‪#‎I‬’msorry ‪#‎forcing‬you ‪#‎toolate‬
‪#‎Always‬ ‪#‎Iwontforget‬ ‪#‎givingmethegiftof‬ ‪#‎bright‬ ‪#‎smiles‬
‪#‎Really‬ ‪#‎thankyou‬ ‪#‎Day221‬💋"

You can follow Moon Geun Young at:

Translation credit: MGYIFC
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Kim Bum shows a gentle care for Moon Geun Young

Kim Bum showed a great care for Moon Geun Young.

On August 6th, the production team of MBC drama 'Goddess of Fire' revealed new photos from their recent shootings.

In the photos, Kim Bum is showing a reflection board for Moon Geun Young in an uncomfortable posture, but he is still showing a gentle smile.

Furthermore, his smooth smile is drawing many people's attention.

Netizens who saw the photos left comments, such as "He is the best", "I want a guy just like him", and "He is so gentle and nice."

On the other hand, 'Goddess Of Fire' air on every Monday and Tuesday at 10 Pm.

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