Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rice Wreath for Goddess of Fire


2013.06.27 Goddess of Fire Press Conference

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Moon Geun young revealed a teaser video for Goddess of Fire

Moon Geun young revealed a teaser video for upcoming TV drama ‘Goddess of Fire.’

Moon Geun young’s agency NAMOOACTORS released her teaser and drama making film via its official YouTube channel. In the video, Moon is concentrating on making a pottery, showing off her signature lovely smile.

Her new TV drama ‘Goddess of Fire’ is based on a real person in history, ceramic artist ‘Baek Pa sun’ and will disentangle the tangled thread of Korean history about Japanese invasion and White Celadon of the Yi Dynasty, showing how advanced Korean culture was.

Meanwhile, MBC’s new historical drama ‘Goddess of Fire,’ written by Kwon Soon gyu and directed by Park Sung soo, is set to be aired starting July 1.



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[Old Article] Kim Hye Seong, "Moon Geun Young changed my life"

Kim Hye Seong mentioned Moon Geun Young on his Starnews Interview (2008.04.10).


Actor Kim Hye Seong undergoes many process upon entering the entertainment industry.

Kim Hye Seong said, "Moon Geun Young changed my life. Geun Young and i were friends. I've been on the internet because i'm a former ulzzang before. I've decided to join the agency (Namooactors). Until then, i never knew that i'd make it as an actor. I'm very thankful to GeunYoung."


  Moon Geun Young at the set of Jenny, Juno to support her friend Kim Hye Sung.

Source: starnews
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Goddess of Fire 2nd Teaser

credits: MBCDrama


Moon Geun Young and Lee Sang Yoon Are a Sweet Couple in “Goddess of Fire” Stills

Moon Geun Young and Lee Sang Yoon Are a Sweet Couple in “Goddess of Fire” Stills

Couple stills of Moon Geun Young and Lee Sang Yoon for the upcoming MBC drama “Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi” have been unveiled.

Moon Geun Young plays the role of Yoo Jung, who becomes Joseon dynasty’s greatest and first female ceramic artist. Lee Sang Yoon plays the role of ambitious Crown Prince Gwanghae in the drama. In the stills released, Moong Geun Young and Lee Sang Yoon are dressed in their respective roles and give off an aura of love and sweetness, particularly in one still where Lee Sang Yoon stares lovingly at Moon Geun Young while she shyly can’t meet his gaze.

Moon Geun Young’s agency previously released stills of the actress on the set of the drama, filming the trailer. Moon Geun Young commented, “Jung-yi is a child dreaming of becoming Joseon’s ceramic artist. She has a natural talent for pottery. ‘Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi’ shows the growth of Jung who, through hard work and talent, lives the life of a great potter. Please also pay close attention to the fresh romance between the characters in the drama.”

Lee Sang Yoon added, “I want to properly express the human side of Gwanghae who experiences a love that cannot be.”

“Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi” premieres July 1.



Goddess Of Fire Photo Stills: Moon Geun Young & Lee Sang Yoon

credits: Goddess of Fire Official Site +


Saturday, June 15, 2013

2013.06.15 Cyworld Update

미워할리없잖아, 안그래?
Nothing can be hated, isn't it?

The Baddest Female - CL
Bad Boy - Sistar

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Goddess of Fire Photo Stills

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Goddess of Fire, JeongYi First Official Trailer Released!

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