Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[Old Article] Kim Hye Seong, "Moon Geun Young changed my life"

Kim Hye Seong mentioned Moon Geun Young on his Starnews Interview (2008.04.10).


Actor Kim Hye Seong undergoes many process upon entering the entertainment industry.

Kim Hye Seong said, "Moon Geun Young changed my life. Geun Young and i were friends. I've been on the internet because i'm a former ulzzang before. I've decided to join the agency (Namooactors). Until then, i never knew that i'd make it as an actor. I'm very thankful to GeunYoung."


  Moon Geun Young at the set of Jenny, Juno to support her friend Kim Hye Sung.

Source: starnews
credits and translations by MGYIFC