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2013.03.28 Cyworld Update

The water is black, deep, and dark.
물이 검다 깊다 어둡다.

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons


2013.03.27 Cyworld Update

Early started short drama.
일찍 시작한 단편 드라마.


Song Title / Artist
Special - Lee Hi (이하이)
It's Cold (춥다) - Epik High (에픽하이)
Minute Detailed Story (시시콜콜한 이야기) - Lee Sora (이소라)
Missing Child (미아 [迷兒]) - Park Jung Hyun (박정현)

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013.03.26 Cyworld Update

침묵 속에서 나의 마음은

그대의 아름다움을 비춘다

그것만으로도 충분하다

The silence in my heart
Lightens your beauty
That alone is enough


Special - Lee Hi
It's cold - Epik High

credits and translations: MGYIFC


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2013.03.24 Cyworld Update



credits and translations: MGYIFC


Saturday, March 9, 2013

2013 Moon's 4th Fan Meeting Review

2013 Moons's 4th Fan-Meeting 'A Comma' Review.

Hello, Moon's fans! I went to Moon's 4th fan meeting
'a comma(,)' (In Korean '쉼표' which means a rest)
, this week. The concept was, as you see at the title
'a comma', 'a rest'. She finished the last work CDDA
just a month ago. So, she didn't have much time to
prepare big, official performances for this meeting.
Instead, there were a lot of 'trivial' communications
between her and fans as if we're friends. There were
some fans who seem to be foreign fans. If they couldn't
understand Korean, it would be a hard time to join it,
becuz most parts of the fan-meeting was 'talk'.
I hope this translation would be helpful for those
and other fans who could not come.


In the dark, hearing M.C.s notices for the event,
she came on the stage. According to the staffs,
it was 'surprise' appearance at first, but
the distance between the stage and the audiences was
too close to hide her.
Fans noticed her in the dark, shouted, screamed,
and cheered in unison.


"Talk in 60 seconds" is a sub-event in which
M.C.s ask her several questions and she answers them
in 60 seconds. But the time-limit was meaningless becuz
there was no fenalty and we wanted to hear everything she

Q. Which part is your most confident among parts of your body?

Moon) Eye

Sub-Q) Is there any reason?

Moon) Does it need any reason?

(Fans laughing)

Q) Which toe do you use when you push the power button
of your computer?

Moon ) It is always turned on.

Q) What is your eyesight?

Moon) Cannot measure it. Too bad to measure.

Q) Is there any Idol group you want to join as a new member?

Fans murmured) "2NE1"??

Moon) "SHINee"

Q) Please choose 5 works among your works in 5 seconds.

Moon) 가을동화, 장화홍련, 어린신부, 사랑따윈 필요없어,
신데렐라 언니.

Q) If you can use supernatural powers,
which power will you use?

Moon) Teleport?


"Either or choice" is a sub-event in which M.C.s suggest
two different terms and Moon and fans choose only one
of them. Fans should write the term on their own plastic
slide given before the show, and only those who write
the same term with Moon can survive.

* So-Maec vs. Mak-Ssa
(So-Maec : Mixture of soju and Beer.
Mak-Ssa : Mixtuer of Makgeolli and Soda)

Moon : So-Maek

* Meat vs. Sushi

Moon : Meat

(Many people dropped out at this step.)

* Extempore vs. Planned

Moon : Extempore

* Summer vs. Winter

Moon : Winter

* CL vs. Hyolin (both are idol stars)

Moon : Hyolin

* Face vs. Body Shape

Moon : Face.

* Chicken with Beer vs. Chicken with Coke

Moon) Chicken with Beer

* Chicken with soy sauce vs. Fried Chicken

Moon : Fried.

* Dool-li(Dooly) vs. Go, Gil-Dong

Moon : Dool-li

* Snow vs. Rain

Moon : Rain

* Son vs. Daughter

Moon : Son.



While staffs were setting the cooking table, M.C.s and Moon had a short talk.

Q. 보통 언제 요리 하세요?
Q. When do you usually cook?

Moon : 할머니가 집에 없을때, 먹고 싶은 게 있을 때. 아님 친구들이 놀러올 때.

Moon: When granma in not in home, when I want something to eat, when friends come home..

Q : 요리 어떤거 잘하세요?
Q : What kind of food do you cook well?

Moon : 음.. 계란말이, 계란 찜, 계란 후라이 (관중웃음) 삶은 계란! 계란을 좋아해요.

Moon: Um.. rolled up eggs(계란말이), .. steamed eggs, fried eggs, (audience laughing)

boiled eggs!! I love eggs.

. . . .

Table setting completed. However M.C.s and staffs were embarrassed because

some tools were utensils were not seen.

In fact, staffs arranged a sub event in which Moon peels an apple by herself.

So they arranged a fruit knife for Moon and other tools for fun like razor,

a cutter, a tool for peeling potatoes, etc. And Moon noticed it before the show and
hided the razor and potato peeler in another staff's bag.

Staffs got shocked (Even I felt it though I was in audiences) but finally they found the tools.

She confessed that she was a little scared of peeling an apple with a razor.

엠씨 : 설마 저희가 진짜 면도기로 과일 깎게 할 줄 아셨어요?
M.C. : "did you really thought we'll gonna make you do with a razor?"
문 : 네

Moon : Yeah.
엠씨 : 팬들을 독하게 보시나봐요

M.C. : You regard us(fans) very dreadful (mischievous?)
문 : 독하죠^^ (팬 웃음)

Moon : Yes they are. (Fans laughing)

Moon started to peel the apple. M.C.s asked for her to keep the lengh
 of the apple peel long as much as she loves fan , but no sooner staffs   said than the apple peel was cut off.
There was no wet towel before the show, she couldn't wash her hands.
She felt sorry about that so she couldn't handle the apple in comfort.

(Actually she seldom grasped the apple while peeling.)

Sure enough, she got a cut on her finger. TTTTTTTTTTT
Rather, she set us a ease.
 Phew..... There are many other stories about the cooking class
 but I omit this. Remainders are mainly about her rice balls,
 sushi, and fans who got them. . . . i'm sorry to omit those.


We had Q&A time.

Q : 팬이 사랑스러울 때는? 그렇지 않을 때는?, 화가 날 땐? 그리고 해소 방법은?
Q : When are fans so lovely? or when they are not?
, When you get annoyed, how do you relieve it?

A : 응원해 줄 때. 매우 감사하구요. 그렇지만 제 기분을 이해해주지 못할때?
그럴때 서운?해요. 그리고 화가 나면. 그냥 참아요. 아니면 울거나, 산책을 하거나.. 술마시거나.
A : When they cheer me up, I'm very thank to them a lot. Otherwise,
when they don't understand my feeling, I feel annoyed(속상하다. 서운하다).
And when I get angry, I just control it. Or.. I cry. or.. take for a     walk.. or I drink.

Sub_Q : 그러면 아주 화가 날 땐 동시에 세 개를..?
Sub_Q : Then you better do the three things simultaeneously when you get very upset

A : drinking, crying and walking..

(Fans and Moon laughing)

Q : Have you ever seen fans in your dream?

A : No..

Q : There are a lot of foreign fans loving you even though there are
difficulties of language and distance. What do you want to say to them?

A : 해외에 직접 나가서 활동을 하지도 않았는데 작품을 직접 찾아보시거나 해서
저를 좋아해주시고 한다는 게 신기하고 감사하고 또 미안하다.
A . Though there was no activities overseas, thankfully, fans in other countries find my works, and cheer me up. Very amazing(신기한)to me, and I'm sorry
(not to do somethin for foreign fans) and thank to them.

Q : 영어로 한마디
Q : Please say thanks to them in English

A : Thank you very much ^^

Q : 불어로 한마디
Q : In French?

A : 고맙습니다.
A : Merci. ^^

Q : 중국어로 한마디
Q : In Chinese?

A : 고맙습ㄴ다.
A : ?? ~!!

Q : 4개 국어 하셨네요
Q : You did 4 languages.

A : (재빠르게 일본어로 ) 고맙습니다
A : (quickly in Japanese) ありがとうございます !!

Q : 최근에 본 드라마/영화 중에서 가장 인상 깊었던 캐릭터는?
Q : What kind of movie/TVdrama character attracted you in recent?

A : 제가 최근에 들어서야 블랙스완을 봤어요. 블랙스완에서의 나탈리 포트만의
캐릭터가 좋았구요. 크리스쳔 베일의 파이트 영화도 좋았씁니다
A : It's late but I saw 'Black Swan' in recent. I loved the character by
Natalie Portman. and Also.. I loved the character by Christian Bale in
the movie 'The Fighter'

Q : 뭐 먹을까? 하면 가장 많이 고르는 음식은?
Q : What's the most common answer about 'what do you want to eat?'

A : 제가 주로 뭐 먹을까? 라고 말한다. 음식은 아무거나 잘 먹는다.
A : It's me who ask the question, usually. I eat everything well.

Q : 탕수육 소스 찍어먹나요, 부어 먹나요?
Q : What's your type eating sweet-and-sour-pork with the sauce?
pour onto the pork? or dip into the sauce?

A : 부어서먹어요. 심지어 불려 먹어요.
A : Pour onto the pork. Even, I soak pork in the sauce.

Q : 가장 좋아하는 음식은?
Q : What's your favorite food?

A : 밥, 그리고 김치.
A : (Boiled)Rice! ..And Kimchi.

Q: 이건 질문자께서 청담동앨리스 신세경버젼으로 물어봐달라고 하셨는데요.
(의자를 빼서 등받이 위에 걸터 앉아서 시선 내리깔며) 아메리카노가 좋아요, 카페라떼가 좋아 요?
Q : And.. this question is.. the questioner asked (me) to do this in CDDA version...

(Moving the chair back and sitting on the back of it) Which do you prefer, Americano? or Caffe latte?

A : (웃음ㅋㅋㅋ) 아메리카노요.
A : (Laughing) Americano.

Sub_Q : 커피를 꽤 진하게 드신다고..
Sub_Q : You prefer strong coffee, don't you?

A : 작품없을 때는 별로 안 마시거나.. 한두잔.(<-불확실) 작품할 때는
스트레스 받으니까 샷 추가 해서 진하게 두세잔 마셔요.
A : When I don't have a work, I seldom drink coffee.. or at most one or two cups of coffee a day..

(: uncertain) But when I have work, I got stressed . so I drink strong coffee.

Q : 다시 연기하고 싶은 캐릭터는?
Q : Which character do you want to act(play) again?

A : (생각하다가) 은조. 캐릭터에 대한 애착이 꽤 컸는데, 컸던만큼 아쉬움도 더 크게 느껴지는 것 같다.
A : (Thinking awhile..) Eunjo. I loved the character too much(애착이 크다).. to have little miss.

Q : 출연작들을 다시 보는 편인가요?
Q : Do you see your past works?

A : 예전에는 작품 새로 들어가거나 할 때 예전작품을 다시 보면서 내가 고쳐야 할 점등을
체크하곤 했다. 그런데 지금은.. 오히려 그런게 나를 너무 힘들게 하는 것 같아서
잘하던 것도 못하게 되는 것 같아서 안 본다. (스트레스를 너무 받나봄)

A : In previous days, yes. I saw my past works when I got and prepared
new one, and checked what I need to modify. But as time goes by..
such things made me hard too much to even bother things I do well. So,, now I don't see them.

Q : 작품선택에 신중을 기하시는 편인데, 가장 단기간에 출연을 결심한 작품은? 그 기간은?
Q : You do pay a close attention to choosing a work, don't you?
Which is the work you chose in the shortest term? and the term is?

A : 신중....한가요? 저는 그냥 대본을 보고 제가 '어? 재밌따'하면 그냥 출연을 결정하는 편이다.
제작상황이라던지 성공 실패 여부를 재고 출연을 결정하는 게 아니고 그냥 대본이 저한테
재미있고 이해가 되면 작품을 택한다. 길게 느껴지는 이유는,, 제 맘에 드는 작품이 없었기 때문이다.
가장 빨리 결정한건 가을동화. 근데 이건 제게 출연결정권이 있는 게 아니었다.
오디션보고 다음날 바로 촬영에 들ㅇ갔다.
제 의사가 반영된건.. 신데렐라 언니.

A : Do.... I? I just choose a work when it's just funny.
I read the scr,ipt and 'Oh it's cool' then that's it.
I think I don't consider much about 'Will it succeed? or fail? '.
The reason why fans feel it takes long time..
is, I think, that there was no work caught my fancy (맘에 들다), indeed.
The work determined in the shortest time is 'A Tale of Autumn'
But that was not my choice. I had the audition and started it right
after the day.
The work in the shortest time that I chose.. is
'Cinderella's sister'. I decided to do it right after I read the scr,ipt.




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Moon Geun Young showed her adorable love for her fans!

Her agency Namoo Actors shared a video via Twitter and wrote, “Showing you the cookie video from the 4th fanmeeting ‘Rest‘!! Actor Geun Young prepared the cookies herself for her fans~ This is the video that shows her (fighting spirit) to make the cookies~♥”.

The video shows Moon Geun Young dressed up in comfortable clothes to cook. When she sees the cookies, she can’t help but exclaim, “They’re so pretty!“. She then proceeded to work hard to make the meringue, earl grey, and almond chocolate chip cookies. She joked, “I put in some special ingredients so you’ll never forget the taste when you eat it once.”

She also added, “I’m really good at cooking! I can steam eggs, make egg rolls, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs, egg soup, and egg fried rice. I’m good at kimchi stew and spaghetti, too!”



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2013.03.06 Photo Stills on the Fanmeeting

credits as tagged


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Actress Moon Geun Young revealed her collection of polaroid pictures

On the 1st, Moon Geun Young posted on her website, "As I was happy, hope everyone had a great time too. Claps to all the staff who worked so hard! Props! Thank you so much. Thank you so much!" along with a picture.

In the picture, Moon Geun Young's 15 polaroid pictures of 15 different facial expressions are shown. She put in little symbols and writings with a marker.

Internet users who saw this commented, "Still so cute," "She's so charming," "Isn't that naked face? How does she look so good without makeup on?," and "She still has such a young face."

Moon Geun Young and Park Si Hoo's drama "Cheongdamdong Alice" ended on January 27th.



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2013.03.01 Cyworld Update

제가 행복했던만큼,
즐거운 시간이었길...
고생하신 스텝분들께,
짝짝짝! 박수!!!!!!!!!!!
정말 고맙습니다^^
정말로 고맙습니다!!!!

I had much happiness,
You guys had fun...
Good step after suffering,
Applause! Clapping!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank u very much^^
Really grateful!!


Huh Gak Ft. John Park - Happy Me

credits and translations : Moonsclub