Friday, September 30, 2011

Moon Geun Young featured in TvN: Asia’s World Star Top 5

1. Kim Hyun Joong

2. Park Yoo Chun

3. Jang Keun Suk

4. Moon Geun Young

5. Park shinhye

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marry Me Mary BTS DVD Screenshots

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2011.09.29 Cyworld Updates


Update 1

Together Together jja~eung!

Juliette~ Ho~oh~

투게더투게더 짜~응!

줄리엣~ 호~오~

[note: Together Together band performed SHINee's song 'Juliette' on Superstar K3, a Korean singing competition and variety show]

Update 2

The ambiguous thing..

Makes me even more uncertain

그 애매한 것이..

나를 더 애매하게 만드네

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marry Me Mary BTS Japan DVD

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Moon Geun Young spotted at Sephora Times Square in NewYork

Moon Geun Young was spotted today at Sephora Times Square in New York

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2011.09.24 Cyworld Update

When I'm 64.


Song Title / Artist

Thorn Tree (가시나무) - Jaurim (자우림)

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fan Account of Meeting Moon Geun Young in New York (Part 2)

One of the admins at Soompi Moons met Bong in New York on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 EST. This is the continuation (Part 2) of her personal account of that meeting:

Part 1: Fan Account of Meeting Moon Geun Young in New York (Part 1)

After 20 minutes had passed since class ended and with no sign of Bong, I didn't think I would see her. Looking down at the gifts, I started to feel down. But when I looked up again, I saw the side view of a very pretty, kind-looking Asian girl. She was listening attentively to a student who was talking to her near the front desk.

Once it crossed my mind that she could be Bong, I gasped. I think I said "Ahhh!" in my head keke. I opened my eyes wide, with my glasses on, to make sure she was indeed Bong, and as I saw a bit more of her face and her eyes.. she looked very familiar keke. At that moment, without realizing, I started walking towards Bong carrying the gift bags in both hands to give to her.

Wearing her hair down like in her recent Chuseok confirmation picture, Bong was dressed very clean and proper in blue skinny jeans, and a hazelnut color peacoat that came down near her knees. She also wore flat shoes, similar to Converse, although I’m not sure if they were that brand.

From what I can recall, when I came near Bong, I raised my hands with the gift bags a bit towards her, bowed, and said "안녕하세요. 어, 여기요.. (Hello. Uh, here..).” Bong faced me, kindly said, “네, 안녕하세요 (Yes, hello)” and then bowed back. She is very polite, well-mannered, and respectful.

It seemed like she knew / expected me. I was surprised.. it felt like I was meeting a close friend, someone who I have known for a long time, not someone who I was meeting for the first time. It probably felt like that because I’ve seen Bong so much through her pictures and videos.

Bong put her hand in her left coat pocket, and took out a piece of paper. I then realized it was the same piece of paper that I wrote my short memo on for Bong!!! ^________^

Bong motioned towards the memo, and said, “혹시.. (Perhaps..)”, implying if I was the one who wrote the memo to her. A bit shy, I said, “네. (Yes.)” I was really surprised that she still had the memo and that she had kept it nicely in her jacket pocket! I didn't expect her to save the memo, so I was a bit caught off-guard when I saw her holding onto it lol. I wish I had written more on it keke.

I don’t remember exactly what else I said, but I remember bowing a lot LOL

Finally being able to meet her, I think I was completely starstruck, or should I say completely moonstruck keke. It’s hard to explain in words. Someone who you have always seen (in pictures and videos), but yet, at the same time, haven’t really seen (in person), to have her standing right before you, to be seeing her face-to-face.. it all felt so unreal. I remember even saying out loud to Bong several times in Korean, “Wow~ this is SO unreal~ (와~ 정말 신기해요~).” It just came out of my mouth keke. It still feels like it was a dream that I met her, even more so now that a couple of days have gone by. Sometimes I find myself having to remind myself that it wasn’t a dream ^0^

Even though I tried to jot down everything that I could remember shortly after at a place nearby, I couldn’t remember everything. Even while being with Bong, I wasn’t sure what was taking place keke. I’m just glad I was able to say something, even though I felt my voice shaking. I'm glad I prepared and practiced the short script in advance lol.

After handing her the gifts, I remember Bong saying something like, “이게 다 뭐예요? ^^ (What’s all of this? ^^).” I think I responded, “Um.. just some things that I thought you might like.”

CD Gifts

Since Bong's a big fan of Lee Sora's music, I picked up her Best album CD at a Korean store, and also picked up a Sara Bareilles CD that I thought she might also like.

I think Bong asked me in Korean, “Are you from here?” But I don't think I heard her at first, and kept thinking, “Wow~ this is so unreal.” keke

I mentioned that we had sent her some gifts for her last birthday. I tried to remember one of the names of the books that we sent, but could only remember the author at that moment, so I said, "어.. 그 신영복 교수님.. (Uh.. the Shin Young Bok Professor..)" and Bong knew and said, "네, '강의'요. (Yes, 'Lecture')." ^_^ keke I was nervous but so happy to hear directly from Bong that she received our gifts! (link: Birthday Presents to Moon)

Bong is very pretty and looks so innocent and kind. She has pearly white complexion and the cutest pinchable cheeks. It also looked like Bong was not wearing any makeup. If she did, it was very minimal and unnoticeable.

Oh, a funny thing happened keke. I initially was speaking to Bong in Korean when I introduced myself, but at some point in the conversation, without noticing, I unconsciously must have switched to English LOL. Probably because I was nervous and am more comfortable speaking in English.

So I think I asked Bong in English, something along the lines of, "How is your English class? Do you like it here?" And I think Bong responded in English, “Oh, it’s good. Yes, I do” or something similar to that. It was SO cute. Bong’s voice is so extremely kind and tender, but it all seemed to have gone by so fast that I can't remember everything exactly.

Another reason why I can’t remember everything that happened was because of Bong’s eyes. OMG, I can’t describe it. Her eyes are so round and big, pure and innocent! It was really like looking at Puss in Boots from Shrek. I was so drawn and fascinated by her eyes that I wasn’t able to remember much else. It was probably moreso because Bong looks at you very intently, genuinely, sincerely, listening to your every word keke

When I was unknowingly talking to Bong in English, I think I was talking pretty fast because I was nervous. I sensed that Bong was trying to focus on me, and it was then that I realized I was talking in English, so I quickly reverted back to Korean LOL.

Because I didn’t want to take a lot of her time, I bowed and said, “정말 감사합니다. 뉴욕에 좋은 시간 많이 보내세요. 안녕히가세요 (Thank you so much. Hope you have a great time in New York. Please go safely).” I bowed a lot keke. I wanted to respect Bong as much as I could.

Having felt bad for even going to Kaplan to meet her, since it is her private life, I did not ask Bong for a picture or an autograph. Still, I felt like and still feel like I'm on cloud 9 ^________^

Even though it was raining outside, and I was getting wet because I forgot to carry an umbrella, my mouth was hanging from ear to ear lol. The whole time I was walking back afterwards, I kept thinking, “Wow, she’s so kind. She’s the kindest, sweetest, nicest, most genuine, sincere person I’ve ever met in my life.” keke That’s really what I kept thinking. I remember someone even asked me if something good happened because I seemed to be in such a good mood. lol

On the above heart card, I wrote something along the lines as follows:

To: Geun Young / Bong

Happy belated Chuseok and

Hope you have a wonderful time in New York!


~Soompi Moons

P.S. Although an eye camera is good too, hope you can store many memories as photos this time ^_^

The last, and also first, time Bong was in NY last year, she didn’t have her own camera. Although there’s a picture floating around of Bong taking a picture while in NY, she was actually using someone else’s camera lol. Bong told fans that she had no pictures ㅠ and stored her memories with her eye camera (her eyes) keke. So I hope Bong can store her memories with photos this time keke ^_^

I wish I could give Bong more things and nicer things. She’s someone who I want to give gifts to keke. I think it says a lot because I'm usually pretty frugal LOL

After meeting Bong, she’s even more than I had imagined (if that is even possible lol). It was a dream come true to have met Bong, and while I would love to see her everyday while she is in NY, I am not going to go back to respect her privacy.


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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fan Account of Meeting Moon Geun Young in New York (Part 1)

One of the admins at Soompi Moons met Bong in New York on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 EST. This is Part 1 of her personal account of that meeting:

OMG!!! I met Bong today!!! I'm on cloud 9 ^________^ KYAAAA~~~

OMGGGGG, that's all I kept repeating nonstop in my head after meeting Bong keke

It felt like a dream. It still does. Everything seemed to have gone by so fast, yet, in that very moment, while with Bong, it felt like time stood still. It was a moment that I always want to remember.

Bong is definitely one of a kind. That’s what I reaffirmed after meeting her. She has a special aura to her. It was like I met an angel ^.^ Just being with her, I felt like I was becoming more pure.. I felt I wanted to be a better person. There’s something special about Bong. It’s hard to describe. She's not like anyone I’ve ever met. She's super nice, sweet, and kind. I kept thinking, what would it be like if I had a friend like Bong? How great would that be?! :D

It’s hard to fully express everything that I felt in words, so I tried jotting down as much as I could of my thoughts soon after meeting her. I have tried to gather and organize my recollection and thoughts to share with all of you. Please understand that I may forgo some details to respect Bong.

It's actually a long story, but I will try to cover most of what happened on Tuesday when I met Bong!

I never imagined I would be able to meet Bong. So I was beyond ecstatic, when I heard she was in NY again!

Thinking that this would be my only chance to meet her, I mustered the courage to go to Kaplan. As I walked in, I introduced myself at the front desk and I left a memo in Korean that said something along the lines of:

"Hello. Geun Young / Bong.

If it's okay, could I please have a brief moment of your time to hand you some gifts?

I would really appreciate it ^_^


~Soompi Moons

As I sat in the main lounge with some time to spare, I took out a pen and started jotting down in Korean some things to say to Bong like “Annyeonghaseyo (bow)” ^o^ I felt it would help make everything be second nature if I wrote it down on paper and repeated it over and over again in my head before meeting her. I was extremely nervous. I hoped I would be able to remember the things that I wanted to tell Bong and not draw a complete blank. The script was short and brief because I was just going to hand her the gifts. I felt bad for even being there. I didn’t want to take a lot of her time.

Food Gifts

I tried to think of some things that Bong would like and things that have been recommended.

I got a bag of beef jerky (육포) and 2 banana milks (바나나 우유) at a Korean store.

Picked up 2 cupcakes from Crumbs, a popular cupcake chain in the city that makes huge, delicious cupcakes. I made sure to get cupcakes without any chocolate/cocoa in them, since Bong's allergic to it. I got Bong the carrot cake and the coconut cupcake. I initially was going to get the red velvet but apparently that has some cocoa in it, so I passed.

I also stopped by Magnolia’s bakery in Soho to get their famous banana pudding. Although I personally have not tried it yet, a lot of people seem to love it. And since Bong likes bananas, I thought she might like this too.

As it was getting nearer to the end of class, I made sure all the gifts were nicely in place, fixed my posture, and reviewed in my head what I would say ^o^ As class ended, students were gradually coming out while I sat waiting for Bong. A number of them were near the door trying to take their umbrellas out because it was raining outside.

I anxiously kept sitting and waiting for Bong. I was really hoping that I would be able to meet her and hand her the gifts. Although I don't usually wear glasses, I even remembered to wear them today so that I would have crystal clear vision to see Bong keke. But after 20 minutes had passed since class ended and with no sign of her, I didn't think I would see her. Looking down at the gifts, I started to feel down. But when I looked up again...


credit: Soompi Moons문근영


[VIDEO] Moon Geun Young on Marry Me Mary FM

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moon Geun Young signatures to her fans

Moon Geun Young signatures to her fans ^^
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2011.09.18 Cyworld Update

Wonder if you miss me as much as I do.


나만큼 보고싶을까.


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Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011.09.17 Cyworld Update

Superstar K is so good ♡

슈스케 넘 좋아 ♡

[note: Superstar K is a Korean singing competition and variety show which Moon is clearly a fan of. It is currently in its third season and airs every Friday at 11 PM KST on Mnet.]

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moon Geun Young study abroad at Kaplan's International College

@KaplanKorea tweeted the following message & video of the school Moon is studying at now in New York:

Let's meet the Kaplan East Village video that is becoming a hot topic because of Moon Geun Young's study abroad.

We wish for Moon Geun Young's enjoyable and successful study abroad. :)

Translation: Soompi Moons