Friday, September 9, 2011

[2011.09.09] Moon Geun Young message to her fans

Today, Moon Geun Young posted a message to her fans at Angels cafe

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Here is the message ^^

Title: Hope you have a Happy Chuseok… ^^

Hello Angels!!

I’m Geun Young ^-^ Have you been all well?

Recently they say the cold has been prevalent..please make sure,make sure

make sure to be careful of the cold!

I received your Chuseok Gifts well that Angels sent me! Hee-

Really Thank You!

My grandmother also wanted me to make sure to convey that she said,

“I’m Thankful that I’m even being taken care of always too, and I’m sorry because i always

just receive’

Always taking care of the many people around me..

Really! Really Thank You for thinking about them more than i do.

I’m still.. maybe because i’m a lacking person who just sees the road that i take.

I sometimes forget..and act as i don’t know the precious people around me,

each time i feel Angel’s consideration, i once again look back and myself and reflect

upon myself.

For letting me have that kind of time.

And also for even letting me hear from my grandmother,

‘ I live in luxury because of you’ really thank you~ hee-

Thanks to all of your gifts , i think i will spend Chuseok very very well!

I wish you all too surely, surely,surely spend Chuseok nicely~

Eat a lot of delicious foods~Enjoy viewing the moon a lot~Spend warm

time with your family~and so on! kek

I sincerely wish you will have a Happy Chuseok ^-^

I always wish your body and heart will not be hurt..and that

everyone will be happy! much~ i’m very thankful!

And!! Everyone .. sarigomtanghapnida (i love you) ~ kkya-(>o<)////

PS: Thanks to the meticulous packaging of the wine bottle so that

it would not break.

I cracked up while unraveling the endless long bubble wrap!kekekeke

Since i’m jobless.. i know that you will put a lot of bubble wrap because you

thought I’d be bored~

so that each time that i’m bored, i could pop up the bubble wrap.

I will strengthen my will on acting so that i can quickly greet you all!~ HEE-

in any case~really really thank you ^——————^♡

credits: MKYangels

Translation by: SoompiMoons


  1. o mine such caring thots for everyone, u too must also take care. dun worry so much, we your fans will support u till the end. also tell your grandma to have a happy chuseok too. love u vy much, Happy Chuseok to you and all. we of cos here will celebrate the full 'moon'light - hee!hee!hee!

  2. make sure u n ur family stay healthy forever!!take care my idol!!hav fun!!be happy k!!

  3. ur very pretty.. ilove your style..more power.. (^_^)

  4. You are so humble.... But I could see a little pain in your letters. What's wrong moonie? Don't worry about everything. We always love you. And we hope you happy everytime.