Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chuseok Thank You Letter from Moon Geun Young's Mom

Moon's mom left this heartfelt Chuseok (also known as Hangawi or Korean Thanksgiving) thank you letter at Angels cafe on September 11 KST with her online nickname Mamu. She also kindly replied to fans curious to know Moon's songpyeon skill ^0^

What is do I repay this wensu(?)....

In addition to the last birthday, on this Hangawi too

You again sent big presents.....

It's been a long time since we've been in Seoul,

To spend the Chuseok holidays [early] together with my mother and daughter

So we came up here early

On the night of the day that we came up here,

I received a call that Angels carried an armful of gifts to the house [in Gwang Ju].

I was planning to post a letter together with a confirmation shot of the gifts

But the gifts are in Gwang Ju, body is in Seoul,

From just hearing of the gifts (munbaeju, red ginseng honey, dried persimmon)

If I spend Chuseok and go down to Gwang Ju

I thought about posting a thank you letter together with a confirmation shot

But since I thought it would be too late then to say thank you

I thought I should first leave a letter......

Thank you so much always.

For taking care of my child and grandmother with gifts is very thankful

Always even taking care of us, we feel extremely thankful

On the one hand, we also always have a sorry heart.

Even without sending us gifts, we know fully very well all of your hearts.

Thinking that this is the last time, we will receive it with a thankful heart.

Starting from next time, we hope you won’t give us such big gifts like these.

If it could be sent to those places that need some more assistance

We think we will be even more happy with that.

Like the saying by the old elders, 'nothing more, nothing less, just let it be like Hangawi'

Although this isn’t such a good economy now

Like your joyous hearts that welcomes Hangawi

Hope you will spend an abundant and happy Hangawi

And wish you will always be healthy and have only happy days.

2011 September 12 From Seoul, Geun Young’s mom

※ In Jeonllado, between close people, when there is something very very grateful and thankful, like a joke, we use the expression wensu for kindness.

[Jeollado is the southwest province of Korea that includes Gwang Ju, Moon's hometown]

source: Angels cafe

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영


Below are parts of fans comments to Moon's mom asking if Moon makes pretty songpyeon, and Moon's mom's kind response to their question ^_^


Mother! Confirmation letter.. thank you~~~~~~~sososo much! ^^+

Be healthy!~ And could you please tell us if~ actress Moon~ makes pretty songpyeon (traditional Korean rice cake)~ kekeke;;;

Thank you!!! ^______________^;;


Once again thank you for such a precious letter and hope you have a joyous Hangawi. (I too am extremely curious about Geun Young's songpyeon skill^^ Would like the opportunity to see it someday,..)


Ever since she was a baby, Geun Young made very pretty songpyeon. I think perhaps the people who see this will say is there anything she can't do. Geun Young's songpyeon is really small and pretty. In the past, in some cf, they showed her making songpyeon with Dong Su.... the staff from then will know. On this peaceful Chuseok holiday, it seems I have once again become a simpleton who praises her child. hehehe To gain a pretty daughter, try a lot and a lot to make pretty songpyeon.

source: Angels cafe

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영