Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012.10.31 Cyworld Update


그것. 그대로만.
Yes. It only remains.


같이 걸을까...?
As i wonder...?


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Monday, October 29, 2012

2012.10.29 Cyworld Update


그리고 집중하자.
딱 그것 그대로만.

Take it away.
And just concentrate.
Just as it is.

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Making Film of Cosmopolitan Photoshoot November 2012

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Moon Geun Young is cast in a historical drama series, The Goddess of Fire?

Moon Geun-young has recently received a casting offer for the title role of ‘Goddess of Fire’ (tentative title) and is likely to take the role.

The series is about Baek Pa Sun, the best female potter in the Joseon Dynasty. She got kidnapped during the war and ends up as a prisoner where she demonstrates the superiority of Joseon potters in Japan.

The entertainment industry is having a high anticipation for the next historical drama series of MBC.
If Moon Geun Young will accept the offer, she will play the role of Jung Yi in the series. 

Meanwhile, Moon Geun Young will appear in SBS Upcoming Weekend Drama 'Cheongdamdong Alice'
which will start airing on December 1.

Source: starnews
Translation by: Jas@MGYIFC


Friday, October 26, 2012

Moon Geun Young talks about her small-screen comeback with ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

Moon Geun Young shared her feelings about her first comeback to the small screen in two years. The actress is starring in the upcoming SBS drama ‘Cheongdamdong Alice‘.

In a new pictorial and interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine released on the 26th, she stated, “It has nothing to do with my date of debut. I consider now the beginning. All this time, my acting career felt like it was being chased by something, but I’m more comfortable now than ever. I want to stay faithful to my acting by enjoying all of the responsibilities and my roles.”

Moon Geun Young displayed her growing maturity in a simple black dress that signified her departure from the “Nation’s Little Sister” to a blossoming woman.

Staff on the set of the shoot commented, “We were surprised to see that she was so focused on the pictorial that she shed tears. The staff admired the fact that she seems born to be an actress.”

credits: allkpop


Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 BAZAAR Interview

Moon Geun Young's Waiting Mind

The day before the interview, I turned on tv.

She laughed, and was a pretty good gamer.

In front of the 'Superman'[:Kin, Jong-Kuk] whom she has liked since she was young,
she blushed, and kept fanning herself with her hands.Realizing who was the 'X-man',
a frustrated look came over her face as if she was actually betrayed.

The reason why I enjoy watching this tv program is the very expression of many stars.
After all, running, rolling over, chasing make them reveal their 'true self'.

Even if it is not perfect 'true self', but at least at that moment that's real.

How long since I've seen her laughing aloud, showing veins on her forehead?..

Starting acting early in her life, her acting has ranged over a wide field
including a girl, a lady, or a great actress, and an example.
In the meantime, she became a 'moral avatar'.
People cannot even imagine to live like her, but perhaps they, at least,
want her not to be an (bad or could be bad) adult.However,
when such a burden of 'moral avatar' (beyond just good deeds)
violates her professional territory, then it could be a problem.
In addition, she is always devoted to exploring herself[reflect on herself].
Thus, such public eyes may make her hard to do her best[=It could be a burden to her].
Therefore, one clear thing we can notice from this tv show is just that
she is laughing happily right now.

철학적이건, 섹시하건, 올바르건, 그런 판단이나 정의, 짐작 따위를 모두 무마시켜버리는 그 자체로서의 문근영.
No matter what judgement that she is philosophical, sexy, or exemplary,
in front of her, everything is nothing.

그리고 그날 밤, 인터넷에서 이런 덧글을 보았다.
"우린, 문근영이 예쁘다는 걸 잠시 잊고 살았다."
그녀의 존재에 대한 무명씨의 '깨달음'에 동의하는 바, 촬영 내내 난 요하네스 베르메르의 작품
'진주귀고리를 한 소녀'의 주인공처럼 고개를 떨어뜨린 문근영이 그간'무엇을 생각하며 살았는지'
궁금해서 더 기다릴 수 없는 상태가 됐다.
And at that night, I saw a internet comment: We, for a while, have forgotten that
she is beautiful. Agreeing with him, 촬영 내내 난 요하네스 베르메르의 작품 '진주귀고리를 한 소녀'의
주인공처럼 고개를 떨어뜨린 문근영이 그간'무엇을 생각하며 살았는지' 궁금해서 더 기다릴 수 없는 상태가 됐다.
[<-I skip or delay this sentence.. not that important for you..]

- - - - - - INTERVIEW BODY - - - - - - - DCBH.NET - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Q : 보통 배우들은 자기 이야기를 할 수 있는 방송 프로그램을 택한다.
요즘 토크쇼가 성황을 누리는 이유도 그런 것일 테고. 그런데 오랜만에 나오면서 본인 이야기는 전혀 안 하고
내내 달리는 프로그램을 택한 이유가 궁금했다.

Q: Usually, actors choose tv programs in which he can talk about himself,
which also is a factor of the talk show boom.But you chose another show
in which you run and run and run without any talk about yourself. I wonder why.

A: At one point, I came to be scared of talking about myself.
Even when I worked, I tend to avoid such talk to some extent.And I thought
I'm not that exprienced enough to talk about my values, dreams or somethin.
You know, a human being changes as he grows up. At one moment
I thought this is right, but after a while, 'Why did I say like that?'.
So, one thing led to another, I became afraid.

In addition, 'Running Man' is my favorite TV-show even though I don't watch tv, well,
so I accepted the proposal. Btw, now that I said like this, I cannot recognize the
relation between your question and this. (laugh)

Q: In the previous Bazaar interview, you said
"While I lived as an actress, however, I couldn't live my life."
And you took a rest after a little bit, naturally it formed a causal relationship.
How have you been?

A: At that time, I had fallen into kind of a self-pity.
Even though I have a job many people envy,
I had fallen into a thinking like 'It's not as good job as you envy'
so I thought that there's no my own life, and that I'm the most pitiful[=poor, unhappy] person
in the world. (laugh)
Of course, however, after that, at one time, I used to identify myself with the variety of
lives I met in the works[dramas].
I seemed not all bad to stuff the life of Moon Guen-young with acting,
so I enjoyed it.
But, also I felt some futility[=mihility, nothingness,.vacant feeling.. '허무']
at the end of such effort.
It's like 'what did I do until now?,,' 'how and what should I do..' ,
'who am I?,,' , even 'what is acting?'..
In this way, I kinda wandered a little bit.

Q: Would it be fair to say that your wandering off course has led to taking a rest for
2 years involuntarily?

A. But I didn’t seem to be hurting or worrying about it seriously.
Instead, I was idling my time.
I didn’t study something hard or had swinging times.
I could have started activities (as an actress) if I wanted to do so, and I did try.
I have to say that who knows what’s going to happen,
[=No one knows what's going to happen]
which means that there are things that (could) go awry unexpectedly.
Through such a process, I happened to lose my self-confidence and
to confine myself in my own castle.

[ : This question and the answer were translated by 헤요미는진리 횽. Thanks!]

Q: What made you change your mind to come back in to the show business?

A: During my long absence I suddenly felt like a limp noodle and all gloomy.
I've isolated myself too long from the outside world,
so began naturally to think to make more appearance (to the world).
I don't know whether there is an apparent reason to that or not.
(Paradoxical) Maybe it's because I was filled with all knowledge that I turned my back
and lived inside myself to empty those, but it could be that because it was so full that
it made me came back in to the world to loosen my load.

[: This q&a was translated by 장화양이 횽 Thanks!!]

Q :The balance of life is instinctively controlled.
Would living be a process that enlightens the laws of nature?
When sometimes, things don't work out, you must take a rest.
Sometimes, having a gap (in your life) isn't that bad at all.

A: I've realized that recently.
I used to discomfort myself with many worries and concerns.
Even when times everything went great, I couldn't enjoy it.
I was always worried about the fact that I'd lose everything what I had anyway,
and such concern, discomfort made me rather work even harder and harder.
But at least now I come to think why I had lived like that, chased by the anxieties made by myself.
From now on, I'll try not to be now glad now sad, but to look further and have a wider view of life.
Such thinking will be helpful for me than thinking of I can or can't do something right now.
This way I will be able to speak of "later", have a future, and to make this future
I will have goal or dream whatsoever to achieve it.
Due to thinking, I have time to spare and I am enjoying my life nowadays.

[:This q&a was translated by 장화양이 횽 Thanks!!]

Q: I guess you had a good time, reading, watching movies, and listening musics, etc.

A.Not that much. I was just absentminded. Confining myself to my room, I thought about
everything including every trivial(trifling) matters.
Reading was also the same. The more sentences I read, the more related ideas I consider,
so that I can't read further[=anymore].
And watching movie is also the same. Because I watch movies alone in home,
I immersed myself into it too much, which was not good.
At first, doing nothing was good to itself. I mean there's no sway of emotion,
no spur[=stimulation, stimulus... in bad meaning...somethin making her upset ],
..it was just perfect restful.

Q. As I think that an actor is[should be] one who burns his heart and act by the energy,
I agree your thinking that it's impossible to maintain such restful condition.
Meanwhile, however, there could be some intereting memories.

A. I had been in New-york for about 2 months.
In the forenoon, I studied English, then I kept walking down streets in Manhatten, walking,
sightseeing, and took rests..., routinely.
Sometimes I watched performances. And I came to know the fun of drinking.
Everynight, I cooked in home, tasted wine and champagne.. ,it was so interesting.
Also I kinda enjoyed campus life. I hold[=celebrated, performed] Teacher's Day celebration
for the first time in my life, went a club-initiation
[=kind of a university trip. Korean university students, usually in departments, go regular
trips every year. It's like a company retreat. Korean wrong expression : MT(엠티)]
, and had drunk with friends when gloomy days.

Q: It's routine but something actors in your age would be very envy. How did it feel?

A: Oh, I'm in my youth. I had such thinking for the first time
:I now seem to be twinkling very much like a shiny star.
It's true that I felt vacant[=absentminded] to some extent, but in fact,
Such awareness was also possible because I felt alive , at every moment.
Through such process, [I felt] that I'm alive as Moon Guen Young...

Q: You had appeared on "Cinderella's Sister" and after that, the play"Closer", and right after
that 'Marry Me, Mary'. When someone is crazily busy like that, he comes to have less time to think,
but comes to feel something instinctive[본능적인] about himself.

A. To be honest, I was so excited at that time. Everything was my free will.
At the time before I start "Cinderella's Sister", I got to change my mind from
'I can't have my own life in my works' to something other than it,
and, drived on by the vigor and energy, I did several more works.

Q. Were there some differences in your mind between when you act in file and after a long rest?

A. Oh, I talked with my manager about it anyway. 'It begins from now on, isn't it? [이제부터 시작아닌가]'
Let's do something really, like an actor! ..something like that..
In the previous time, I used to care for people's expectations whatever I do.
Satisfying them was the biggest burden to me.
But, now, I don't have that much. This time, even if it doen't work [=not satisfying]
or people are disappointed, so? what's wrong with that? , and I'll just
do start another work.

Q: I saw the word 'start', on your mini-hompy [her personal website.]
Also I read the poem 'Self-Portrait' written by Yoon, Dong-Ju [which is posted on there].
It's also my favorite, and since it is posted on Moon's space, I came to see such phrases
'I turned back from whom I come to hate, but pity, long for, so come back.. ', differently.

[Plz find and read the poem 'Self-Portrait' written by Yoon, Dong-Ju. I recommend it.]

A. It struck a chord with me since it describes the most honest [=frank]aspect of a human being.
You know, as we are human beings, we don't want to be aware of some bad things of ourselves.
Something wrong of myself, someone who has a bad feeling for me.. something like that..

Indicating myself is difficult. Yes, we say 'I'm incapable[=not satisfactory 부족하다]' but that's just 'saying.'
Subconsciously, we tend to rationalize myself to think that I have something better...
When I read the poem, the first thing came across my mind was it. Myself I don't want to recognize.

 Q. Does it make you see the new character in 'Cheong-Dam Dong Alice', differently?

A. I wanted to do express this character, well.
 Seriously, it's not a arrogant, but I mean 'I'm the only one who can do this',
 'this is just for me', like this. That made me chose it.
 But still I think :'wasn't it my misjudge?' 'Isn't it self-rationalization, again? ' ..
 Isn't it also possible for other actors?
 Isn't it my justification that I and only I can do this?
 I couldn't help thinking such thing.

Q. You have been an actress since '가을동화' in 2000.
The 'start' might be a little bit strange, isn't it?

A.Neither that I worked not eagerly nor it was not my sincerity [:★],
 nevertheless, now is kind of a turning point to me.
At least now I have a goal that I want to achieve.

Q. Right now, what do you mean by 'the goal'?

A. I want to live for myself. Not just that 'Ah, I just live for my own self'
but that I want to be the subject of all things including my hardness,
sadness, pleasure, and joy, etc.
In this vein, acting is also my favorite, and the 'favorite' makes me
 want to do better,..
Previously, I just liked what I like, and hated what I hate..

Q. You seem like do control the energy well,
don't you think that you'r growing up ?

A. I don't want to be grown up. (laugh)

Q. It's 26, you can't avoid it, 어쩌지? (laugh) Long time ago,
as you said, the movie director Kim, Ji-Woon had asked
"What the hell kind of the past made your eyes this sad?"
, seeing your eyes when you were even younger.
Now that you see eyes of yourself, how do you feel?

A. 'became muddy[=hazy? darkened? blurred? 탁하다] a lot.' (laugh)
You laugh. But seriously. That's something only I can notice.
 In recent, when I saw my face, I felt somewhat strange.
A little bit ladylike change of my face,.
And it has been almost 2 years since I haven't exposed myself,
 which is a long time, so people may recognize small change
about my appearance even bigger.

Q. Is it a glad change?

A. Frankly speaking, I wanted it to some extent.
Similarly, I came to keep off TV CF partly because of it ...
I thought[realized] advertisers want me as a specific image not as an actress.
I know it is natural for them to want me to act just lively, lovely[=cutesy?],
like a typical younger sister because it's a characteristic of tv cf.
However, as time goes by, I felt hard to do so.
It occured to me that 'Is it helpful for me to appeal the younger image to people,
continuously[=consistently?]? '
I often saw some actors doing their best to expand the range of his acting territory[=spectrum]
but some tv cf ruined it.
In addition, now we have a new pretty the nation's younger sister. (laugh)
[:Maybe Kim, Yu-na or, IU .. ]

Q. There has been no actress able to substitute the image of the nation's sister, yet.
You might have gained a lot from it, but might have lost a lot, also.

At one time, I had thought 'Oh I'm gonna crazy because of this!'
but now I think it also made current myself. [:★]
 If there was no such nickname, I might have no next work after that, and after.
Now I don't want to avert[=deny..] these factors that made me at now[지금의 나].
If I have to manage[=handle? embrace? accept?] it, then I'll do so.
 If I have to break away form it, also I'll do so.

Q. What kind of subject did you like in university?

A. All subjects such as philosophy, history, and literature.
 I think it's because I like to understand, and think of something.
 Actually, one of the reasons why I like acting is also that I'm intersted in
 understanding[=sympathizing with]someone, expressing it so that
 others also understand it.
 I think, when it comes to acting, understanding her takes precedence.
 After all, she is whom I have to 'make', but I mean
 : how she has lived, what her thinking is and will be.. somethin like that..

Q. It makes sense. Literature is the easier version of philosophy,and the classic literature
 that you stated is also the same as current movies or tv dramas.
 In this vein, how do you see 'Se-Gyung' in 'Chung-Dam Dong Alice'?

A.Ordinary? Might be me, my friend, or anyone of us.
 Maybe it's a rational story of a 26-year-old girl. I mean a girl who just graduated university
 , tried hard, and finally got a job in several years.
 I saw a news describing her as 'infinite-positive-girl', but as I understand,
 she is close to 'finite-positive-girl'.

Q. A few days ago, I met Mr. Park, Sang-Yeoun, the creative director
[similar to a dramatist?], and he said
it'll be a romantic comedy including some social critical aspects.
In this aspect, I agree your 'finite-positive girl'. What do you think is the difference?

 She is not a typical character who is always just bright at everything.
 When we see people, they just go through their own lives even if they are
 lonely, sad, and hard.  Why? because :[anyway we]can't die .
 We just endure anyway, like 'anyway I can do it, must do it'
 because there's tommorow.
 I understand she is also the same, and I want to express it well.
 So I hope people to watch it and cry, get angry,  get annoyed,
 swear profusely, get rid of stress, and be pleased because of this.
 I wanna assimilate myself to their[ordinary people's] life rather than to
 show something, this time.

Q. Though you said it's not that much comfortable to talking about yourself,
 it's always interesting to talk with you.
[And] There should be differences between stories in your 19 and in 26.
 Wouldn't it be weird if those are the same?

 The most scaring was : "You said blabla,before!" Because or not I've worked early,
 I used to believed people too much. Then, I thought that people will come to recognize
 my sincerity if I am always honest with them, but, going through some events[=circumstances],
 I realized that it's impossible to be understood as much as I want no matter how I try.
 It could be timid change or narrow-minded or something but, on the other hand,
 I think maybe it's enough to be honest only with people I value.
 Changed like that, I often thought 'Why do I have to?'
 'What the hell are you curious about?'[=sorry for inappropriate translation of'뭐가 궁금한데요?'  ]
 'I'm not gonna tell you', something like that.. (laugh)

Q. The Venerable Beop-Ryul said "Forsake the wish 'to be loved by everyone'".
 I agree it to some extent.
Even, I can't like everyone. ..
Anyway, how should you do for your happy life?

 Most important thing is me, I think.
 It's more important that I feel happiness in the process , than what I should do.
 There's a problem that the moment is very short, but whatever.
 Previously, I had thought 'Why do I have to overcome unhappiness? Anyhow happiness is
 very short[short-term].' 'For what people try to do something hardly? '
 However, the answer was the very 'short-term happiness.'

Q. The photo shoot concept is 'a waiting lady'. How do you thik of the 'waiting for'?

'Me free?[자유로운 나?]' (laugh) Not because the current situation, but because
that I want to be somewaht free[liberal] when it comes to other people including
people close to me in the neighborhood.
I would sooner be considered irresponsible, than be bound by something.
Recently, mom and grandma often worry about my marriage. I think I can't marry.
Yet, the image of marriage is a restraint to me. (laugh) Oh, yes.

Q. I know you are a intense-self-exploring actress. Right now, right here,
 what is your answer of it?
[=What is the outcome[result]of the self-exploring?
 =Who do you think you are? =How do you explain yourself? ,,,,, ]

 Very up and down, sensitive, .. I think the start[of the answer] is emotion.
 In other words,, I feel something well, I'm transparent to express it, and very sensitive,
 so come to very up and down,,
 That's me at now, I think.

Q. What kind of 'woman' do you wanna be? Or 'actress' is also good.

Ok. I choose 'woman.' I want to be loved entirely[=wholy,,완전히.온전히.] by a boy.
I hope to meet a guy who loves me as a woman or just myself perfectly,whatever I do.
So, I want to a woman who is given such a love.
And as an actress, I wanna be an actress who really enjoy it.
Sooo- interesting that I can't stand..

Q. Different to the precious interview.
 As I remember your answer was an actor like actor[=actorlike actor] or something.

That seemed cool [at that time].
Now I somewhat restrict the meaning of 'an actor' just to my job.
Rather than chasing[following] fantasy or an ideal, I just want be an actress enjoying my job.

Q. Now that such person acts,  I'll appreciate your drama.

 Oh, I feel a burden.
 Maybe I would regret this interview, thinking 'isn't it just rhetoric?'

Q. Why so serious? Even though, we have tommorows.

You're right. I'll do the best. As much as I can. (laugh)

The End :-)  

Credits: DCBH.net


Moon Geun Young shows off a mature look as a real woman

Moon Geun Young, who will play the lead role in the new drama series Cheongdam-dong Alice, which will start airing in December, recently did a photo shoot for the fashion magazine Bazaar, published on October 26.
In the photo shoot, Moon portrayed a mature, mystical woman who fits the fall season. Getting away from a bright, lively look, she portrayed a woman who waits for someone in a sentimental mood.
One of the crew says, “I was surprised by Moon Geun Young when she dropped tears, being absorbed in the photo shoot. People said she was a natural-born actress.”
In the interview, Moon said, “Regardless of the year I debuted, I think I have to start all over again. I’ve been acting as if I was chased by someone, but I feel more comfortable now. I want to be responsible for the role I have to play as an actress and enjoy acting at the same time.”
The interview can be seen in the November issue of Bazaar.

credits: en.korea.com


Moon Geun Young’s Male Doppelganger Found

Recently on an online community forum, pictures of Moon Geun Young and her male look-alike Park Jin Woo surfaced. Revealed pictures show the two actors from film “My Little Bride” and drama “Painter of the Wind.” Their big starry eyes, sharp noses, and milky skin show remarkable resemblance.
Park Jin Woo, who is currently starring in tvN “Glass Mask,” previously mentioned this in a fan meeting. He commented, “When I worked with Moon Geun Young, many people asked us if we were related. So many people tell me that we look alike. Well, I’m honored.” 
Netizens commented, “Wow, you guys do look a lot like each other! Are you sure you’re not siblings?” “I love the parody of ‘Glass Mask,’ ‘My Little Bride,’ ‘Painter of the Wind,’ and ‘Cinderella’s Sister‘ where they put Park Jin Woo, Moon Geun Young, and Seo Woo in a love triangle.” and “Park Jin Woo is so good looking.” 
Meanwhile, Park Jin Woo is currently playing the role of Kim Ha Joon, who is deeply in love with Seo Woo, but is struggling with his love as Kim Yoon Suh has set up a scheme to test his love in tvN “Glass Mask.” 

Credits: Soompi.com


Vogue Magazine November 2012 Issue


Lee Yoon Ji, Moon Geun Young and Jeon Hye Bin

Moon Geun Young with Park Si Hoo 

Moon Geun Young with Namooactors Family

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2012.10.24 Cyworld Update


마음을 가라앉히고.

Immerse your minds.


화이팅! 모두들 대박나라!! 꺄-
Hwaiting! Everyone lets hit the big jackpot!!  kyyah-


So Cute - Byul
Words i want to say to you- Kim Jong Kook   
Men also feel sad- Kim Jong Kook
After discarding heart - Byul (Cinderella Sister OST)

credits and translations: MGYIFC


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Bazaar November 2012 Issue

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Park Si Hoo reveals his first impression of Cheongdamdong Alice co-star Moon Geun Young

Actor Park Si Hoo gave his first impression of his fellow actor in “Cheongdam-dong Alice” Moon Geun Young.

In the SBS weekend drama “Cheongdam-dong Alice” to be broadcast after “Five Fingers”, P
ark Si Hoo plays Cha Seung Jo, the youngest chairman of the largest Korean global luxury goods distribution company Artemis, and his love relationship with Han Se Kyung (played by Moon Geun Young).

In this regard, in an interview on October 19, Park Si Hoo said: “I’ve met Moon Geun Young a few times and have a good impression of her. She looks good on the screen, very understanding and considerate of others. Her acting is good and I have a lot of expectations.”

Park Si Hoo continued to say that in “Cheongdam-dong Alice” he is attracted to the role which can show a wide spectrum of emotions. He is a cool guy who is fragile and tough at the same time and that defines the character — which is what he wishes to convey.

Park Si Hoo said it is unfortunate the drama is only 16 episodes. “Somehow when you wish to show something, the drama has come to an end.” He continued: ”It is rare for a weekend drama to be only 16 episodes. Maybe I am just too greedy.”

“Cheongdam-dong Alice” is set in Seoul’s Cheongdam-dong which serves as the background of the Cinderella story in which an ordinary girl Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) becomes the daughter-in-law of a rich family and discovers the true meaning of marriage.

Park Si Hoo first movie “Confession of murder”‘ (directed by Jung, Byung Gil, Showbox Mediaplex) will be released on November 8. He plays the serial killer Lee Du Seok who recorded his murders in an autobiography after the expiry of the statute of limitations.


Friday, October 19, 2012

[Cosmopolitan Interview] A New Discovery about Moon Geun Young

문근영의 어떤 발견

A New Discovery about Moon, Guen-Young

대중의 기대와 스스로의 자아감 사이에서 혼란을 겪을 수밖에 없는 것이 배우의 삶이라지만,
유년기 전부를 배우로 살아온 문근영에게는 그 과정이 결코 순탄치 않았을 것이다.
이제 스물여섯이 된 그녀는 자신의 성장통이 여전히 현재 진행형이라고 말한다. _ 에디터 곽정은

Life of an actor or an actress is basically unstable especially between
self-seteem of herself and public expectation. Actress Moon is also in this case. Moreover,
her career seems to be more complicated because she experienced(spent?) her whole childhood
as an actress(not a normal child [Note.by translator]).
Now twenty six, she says her growing pain has(is?) not finished yet. 
 - Editor Gwak, Jeoung-Eun.

Q) 거의 2년 만에 작품을 시작하게 되었네요. 2년 만에 보니까 뭐랄까, 
하나도 변하지 않은 것 같기도 하면서 어딘가 변한 듯한 느낌도 들어요. 그동안 어떻게 지냈어요?

Q. It has been almost 2 years since you had the latest tv-drama. How have you been?

A) 그냥 보냈어요, 정말 그냥요. 학교는 한 학기 다니고 또 한 학기는 쉬고 그런 식으로 보냈고요. 
마음의 여유를 찾고, 생각을 정리하고, 조금은 방황한 시간이었던 것 같기도 해요. 
한마디로 표현하자면 좀 '멍하게' 보낸 시간이었달까요. 스스로에게 정말 질문을 많이 했던 시간이었어요. 
난 지금 무슨 생각을 하고 있지? 난 뭘 꿈꾸고 있는 거지? 뭐가 힘들지? 그래서인지 마음이 많이 편해졌어요. 
사실 지금도 멍하다면 멍한 상태인데, 이제 질문은 그만하고 움직이고 싶다는 생각이 들었죠. 
그래서 이렇게 다시 작품을 통해 나오게 된 것도 있고요.

A) Just normally. Really, just.. One semester for my school-life, the other one for 
a rest.. I had taken my time, kept my calm, and even wandered about myself, a little. 
In a word, I was 'absent-minded'. But, I had asked and asked many questions to myself during
that time. What am I thinking now? What am I dreaming for? I feel hard for what? etc..
Such reflections helped me feel a little comfortable. Technically, the 'absent-minded'
has not perfectly vanished yet, but I thought I want to stop questions,
and start something. That's a part of reasons why I came back, as you see.

Q)답답하거나 하진 않았어요? 사람들은 근영 씨가 이렇게 2년이나 작품 활동을 하지 않을 거라고는 아마 상상도 못했을 텐데요.

Q) Didn' you feel heavy (about this 2-year hiatus [Note by translator])? 
I guess people had not expected that you'll have 2-year-long hiatus. 

A) 답답함이오? 그게 딱히 없었던 게 문제였죠. 적극적으로 뭔가 하고 싶다는 마음이 들지 않았어요. 
지금 뒤돌아보면 어쩌면 제가 조금 겁을 먹었던 건지도 모른단 생각도 해요. 사람들 앞에 나서는 것이 겁났든지, 
두려웠든지, 아무튼 피하고 싶은 마음이 있었던 건 사실이에요. 뭔가를 계속해오긴 했는데 갑자기 콱 막혀버린 것 같은 느낌? 
새하얗게 모든 것이 증발해버린 듯한 느낌? 아무튼 그런 게 있었죠. 예전엔 세상이 마냥 아름답고 힘차 보였죠. 
하지만 이제야 비로소 나 자신에게 시선을 돌릴 수 있게 된 것 같아요.

A) Feel heavy? Not much.. I think that's the problem that I feel little heavy. 
I couldn't feel some eager or positiveness for something. Now I think..
maybe I was a little bit scared at that time.Maybe I was scared to appear on stage,..
and so forth. Anyway, it' true that I had wanted to avoid people's eyes. 
I used to see only the beautiful world in which everything is just positive and
energetic. However, now I can look back myself. 
[Translator : It means she used to consider the world purely beautiful in the old days,
but now she turned her eyes from the outside to inside, herself. ]

Q)마치 뒤늦게 사춘기를 겪고 있다는 것처럼 들리네요.

Q)You mean you had a belated akward age(뒤늦은 사춘기)

A) 배우라는 직업은 일반적인 삶의 패턴이나 속도를 허락하지 않는단 생각을 했어요. 
보통 사람들은 질풍노도의 시기를 사춘기 즈음에 겪지만, 배우란 그 사춘기를 
끝까지 안고 가야 하는 직업이 아닌가 하는 생각도 했고요.

A) As a job, i thought 'actor' or an 'actress' is not allowed to lead
a general life or a life of general tempo. 
Usually, people had the 'akward age(사춘기)' during specific short-term of her life,
but I thought, perhaps, for an actor or an actress, it could be the life as a whole. 

Q) 배우라는 직업은 그런 이유 때문에 소위 '멘탈이 강해야 하는 직업'이라고들 하잖아요. 
지금 생각해보면, 어때요? 스스로의 멘탈이 강한 것 같나요?

Q) For this reason, people says 'Actor' needs strong mentality. 
How's yours? Do you think you have strong mentality?

Q) 한때는 그런 생각을 한 적도 있어요. 제가 꽤나 약하고, 자격 미달 같다는 생각이오. 
하지만 어쨌든 지금까지 버텨온 걸 보면 마냥 약하지만은 않았던 것 같기도 해요.

A) At one time, I thought I'm weak,and unqualified. 
However, I held up through some hardships, so far. So, now I think that I wasn't
just weak.

Q) 이제 곧 졸업하죠? 국문학도로 살았던 시간은 어땠어요?

Q) I heard you graduate soon. How was your life as a univ.student of major 'Korean
Language and Korean Literature'? 

A) 고전 시가나 고전 소설을 읽고 분석하고, 그 감정을 느끼는 수업이 정말 재미있었어요. 
그런데 국문학도로 살았던 시간이 배우로서의 삶에 어떤 식으로 도움이 될 것 같으냐고 물으신다면 
직접적으로 딱 집어 말하긴 힘들 것 같아요. 그런데 사실 저는 뭔가를 할 때 항상 제 입장에서만 생각했는데, 
다양한 작품을 학업을 통해 접하면서 관점이 달라진 부분은 분명히 있어요. 이를테면 특정한 시인을 공부할 때, 
나 역시 한 사람의 대중으로서 그 시인을 바라볼 수 있게 되었달까요. 그렇게 생각의 방향이 달라지는 과정이 신기하고 소중했어요. 
그리고 제 또래 친구들과 함께 공부하고 소통하고 토론했던 것, 내가 살고 있는 현실에서 벌어지는 일에 대해 생각하는 것,
'아 정말 내가 아는 것이 겨우 이 정도 밖에 안 됐구나'라는 사실을 깨달은 것이 모두 제가 대학을 가서 알게 된 것이라고 할 수 있죠. 
결과적으로 제겐 정말 소중한 시간이었어요.

A) It was interesting to read, analyze, and feel the ancient Korean poems, novels, etc.
If you ask such activities were helpful for my career as an actress or not,
it's hard to tell strictly yes or no. But this is clear that studying a variety of
literary works made my viewpoint differently [->flexible].
For example, personal appreaciation and study as a public are different viewpoint
about a work...
In addition, during university life, I became to pay attention more to what is happening
in reality, and also I realized I don;t know much about the world,,:I know the world only
this much. 
Consequentially, it was important, meaningful time for me.

Editor :문근영은 우리가 잊고 살지만 잊지 말아야 할 것을 떠올리게 하는 몇 안 되는 배우다. 
그래서 우리는 그녀의 질풍노도를 기꺼이 따뜻한 시선으로 지켜볼 수 있는 것인지도 모른다. 
문근영이 걸어갈 충만하고도 고단한 배우로서의 삶이 여전히 맑은 그녀의 눈빛 속에서 '반짝'하고 빛났다.

Editor :[Moon is an actress who recalls some 'forgotten', but 'must not be forgotten' things.
아 졸라 힘들어 번역안해 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ '것인지도 모른다'는또뭐고 막문장왤케길고추상적이야  ㅠㅠ ]

Q)2008년에 다른 매체와 한 인터뷰를 봤는데, 
"스물다섯의 내 모습을 상상하면 나조차도 어색하다"라는 말을 했더라고요. 어때요? 이제 스물여섯이잖아요.

Q)In an interview in 2008, you said 'I feel akward to imagine my age of 25.'
and you are now 26. 

A)하하, 제가 정말 그랬어요? 사실 진짜 지금도 어색해요. 스물다섯 살까지만 해도 제 나이 같았거든요. 
그런데 누군가가 "지금 몇 살이지?"라고 물어보면 스물여섯이라고 말하는 게 너무나 어색해요. 
그래서 걱정이에요. 이제 3개월만 있으면 스물일곱이라고 말해야 하는데 어쩌지라는 생각이 드는 거죠.

A) Haha, did I? In fact, now is also the same. 25 was ok, it was not that strange as my age.
But now if someone asks 'how old are you?' then, it's really akward to say 26. 
I'm worried about it. After 3 months, I have to say 27 then I think 'oh my(=어쩌지)'.

Q) 어쩌면 지금 나이가 그렇게 어색하다고 느끼는 건 아직 어린 나이에 머물고 싶은 마음 때문은 

Q) Maybe you want to remain a child, and that could be the reason why you feel akward
about your current age, isn't it? 

A)그럴지도 몰라요. 사실 전 항상 어린이였으면 좋겠어요. 그냥 어린 나이가 좋다는 얘기가 
아니에요.좀 더 순수했으면 좋겠고, 편견이나 틀이나 고집 없이 세상을 바라보고 
느꼈으면 좋겠다는 거죠. 
배우라면 마음 속에 벽이 없어야 한다고 생각하거든요.

A) Maybe. In fact, I want to remain a child forever. It doesn't mean just younger age.
I just hope to be more(?) pure, see and feel the world without any prejudice or
stereotype(틀. '고정관념'으로 번역) or stubbornness.
I consider an actor should have no wall in his own mind.

Q) 그럼 본인은 어떤 것 같아요?

Q) Then, how abot you? 

A) 휴, 지금도 장난 아니에요. 고집도 세고요. 청개구리 심보가 좀 있어요. 예를 들어 좀 출출해서 밥을 먹으려고 생각하는데 
옆에서 누가 "야, 밥 먹어"라고 말하잖아요? 그러면 밥 먹기가 확 싫어져요. 오기가 생기는 것 같아요.

A) Phew, 지금도 장난 아니에요. I'm stubborn, and I'm a perverse person. 
For example, when someone tell me 'hey, come and eat a meal!'?
then suddenly I become to hate to eat. Maybe it's a matter of pride or a competitive
spirit(<-not good translation, sorry. "오기가 생기는 것 같아요")

Q) 하하. 그렇게 귀여운 면이. 그런데 귀엽다는 말이 나와서 묻는 건데, 
이젠 '국민 여동생'이란 닉네임에 대해 어떤 느낌이 드나요? 한때는 그 닉네임 덕분에 
대중적인 인기를 얻기도 했지만 또 한편으로는 굉장히 압박감을 받았을 거라고도 생각해요.

Q) Haha, so cute(how cute you are). By the way, speaking of cuteness
[Note: it feels more like 'lovely'],now how do you feel about your nickname
'the nation's sister' ? On one hand, you had have huge public popularity thanks to 
this nickname,but on the other hand, I gusee it put huge pressure on you.

A) 이젠 그 닉네임으로부터 많이 벗어났다고 생각해요. 제 나이가 여동생이라고 부를 수 있는 나이는 아니잖아요? 
더 이상은 의식하지 않는 것 같아요. 오히려 약간 섭섭하기까지 한걸요. 한쪽 맘으론 언제까지나 여동생이었으면 
좋겠다고 생각하는데 '아, 점점 이런 식으로 나이를 먹어가는 거구나'라고 느낄 때 아쉽기도 하고요.

A) I think I'm relieved of it, now. As you know, my age does not match such nickname..
I'm not conscious of it, anymore. Rather, I feel even sad[섭섭].
On one hand, It would be good to stay as 'sister', forever, but on the other hand, 
I think 'Ah, I'm getting older little by little like this', so I feel a little sad.

Q) 그렇겠어요. 사실 이제는 이런 닉네임으로 인한 압박감보다는 좀 다른 고민이 많을 거라고 생각했어요. 
배우로서 어떻게 살아갈 것인가 하는 부분이오.

Q) I see. In fact, I guess you face another agony rather than such nickname oppression,
such as the way how you will live as an actress from now on. 

A) 네, 맞아요. 그런 것이 더 크죠.

A) Yes, that's true. That's more important.

Q) 그렇다면 이번 작품 <청담동 앨리스>를 2년 만의 컴백 작품으로 택한 것도 꽤 깊은 고민 
끝에 내린 결정이겠군요.

Q) Then, your comeback after the lapse of 2 years with <Chun-Dam Dong Alice> shold be
a careful decision.

A) 네, 꽤 많은 작품을 두고 고민했어요. 그런데 그때마다 단순히 '아, 이 작품은 잘해보고 싶다'라는 생각 정도만 했죠. 
그런데 이 작품은 좀 달랐어요. 패션업계의 이야기이다 보니 저와는 좀 안 어울릴 것 같다는 생각에 움츠러들기도 했는데, 
대본을 제대로 읽어보고 작가님을 만나 이야기를 나누면서 마음이 바뀌었죠. 
'잘하고 싶다'가 아니라 '이 역할은 잘 표현할 수 있는 사람이 나밖엔 없겠다'라는 생각이 들었거든요. 
그래서 내가 꼭 해야겠다, 내가 잘 표현해봐야겠다라는 결정을 내리게 된 거죠. 알 수 없는 자신감 내지는 자만심이 있었어요.

A)Yes. Actually, there were so many possible works before this. 
Everytime I consider those works, I thought 'Oh, I want to do this well' and that's it.
However, this <Chung-Dam Dong Alice> is different. At first, it would not match me becasue
it's about fashion industry, so I shrunk from it a little. But, after careful reading the
, and conversation with the dramatist, I changed my mind. 
From 'I want to do this well' to 'I'm the only actress able to play this role.'
So, I decided to do this at any costs. I decided to express this work well. 
It's like a groundless confidence(알 수 없는 자신감). 

Q) 근영씨가 맡은 한세경이란 캐릭터에 대해선 어떻게 해석하고 있는지 궁금한데요.

Q) I feel curious about the character 'Han, Se-Gyung(Se-Gyeoung)'. how do you analyze 

A) 세경이는 한마디로 제 친구 같은 캐릭터라고 말하면 될 것 같아요. 제 또래의, 일상에서 얼마든지 마주할 수 있는 그런 캐릭터요.
'세경'은 저와 닮은 면이 있어 더 끌려요. 캐릭터 자체가 닮은 게 아니라 마주하고 있는 상황이 좀 닮았달까요? 
이전까지 잘 몰랐던 세계에 대해 새롭게 관심을 갖게 된 거나 마찬가지니까요.

A)She is, in a word, a character like one of my friend. Of my age, common character in reality..
and 'Se-Gyung'is more attractive character for me to choose because she is similar to me in many aspects. 
Not because of character itself, but because of the situation surrounding her. 
이전까지 잘 몰랐던 세계에 대해 새롭게 관심을 갖게 된 거나 마찬가지니까요.

Q) 한세경은 스펙은 좋지만 세상의 벽에 부딪히는 역할이기도 하죠? 사실 인간 문근영은 세경과 달리 
세상의 벽 같은 건 못 느껴봤을 거라고 생각하는 사람들도 분명히 존재하는 것 같아요. 
어려서부터 배우로 데뷔해 대중의 많은 사랑을 받았고 늘 톱스타 위치에 있었으니까요. 
어떻게 생각해요? 커다란 벽을 경험한 적이 있긴 한가요?

Q)[According to the synopsis,] Se-gyung is a girl who has great 'spec'[=ability,
productivity such as her academic clique, TOEIC scores, working skills, etc]
but realizes the wall[=limit?] of reality, isn't she? 
Frankly speaking, there exist some people who think that, differently to Se-gyung, 
a human being 'Moon' might not face any wall of reality or something. 
Because you were always in 'top-star'position even when you were young. 
How do you think? Have you ever expreienced such wall?

A) 솔직하게 말하면 저도 벽이 있었다고 생각해요. 아까도 말씀하신 '국민 여동생'이란 이미지? 
그게 배우로서는 분명히 큰 벽이었다고 생각하거든요. 그걸 지금도 완전히 넘어선 것은 아니지만, 
어쨌든 그 이미지라는 벽이 준 영향이 여전히 있다고는 생각해요. 상대적으로 커 보이고 작아 보일 뿐이지, 
누구나 자기 앞에 놓인 벽이 가장 높고 무섭다고 생각한다는 거죠. 내가 슬픈 게 가장 슬픈 거고, 
내 불행이 가장 큰 거고, 어떤 면에서는 정말로 그랬으면 생각하는 것도 있고요.

A)Frankly speaking, yes, I have. As you said before, the 'nation's sister' image?
I clearly consider it as a quite big wall to an actor. It's not clear that I 
totally overcame it,.. Anyway, I think I'm still being affected by it, a little. 
[By the way,] As I think people consider his own wall as the biggest and the most frightful,
which is just relative. For instance, what I feel sad is the most sad thing in the world, 
my misfortune is the bigget one, and so forth. In some ways I wish it were ture .

Q) 생각해보면 지금까지 근영 씨가 맡았던 역할은 스스로가 갖고 있는 벽에 대한 도전 같은 것으로도 보여요. 
<어린 신부>의 어린 신부 역할이나 <댄서의 순정>에서의 연변 소녀, <사랑 따윈 필요없어>의 시각 장애인 역할처럼 말이에요. 
어딘가 평범하지 않은 캐릭터 때문에 근영 씨가 도전이나 새로운 연기 세계를 보여주는 것에 대한 
강박관념이 있는 건 아닌가 생각하는 사람도 많았을 거라고 생각해요.

Q) Now I think...your former characters were kinda challenges [to?]your own wall. 
The characters such as the 'young bride' in 'My little bride(2004)', 
the 'Yeoun-byeun girl'in 'Innocent steps(2005)',and the blind 'Ryu-min' in 'Love me not(2006)'
are not that ordinary[common] ones. I think such choices made people to consider you 
having some obsession about showing something new, challenging.

A) 사실 '새로운 것에 도전해서 뭔가를 보여줘야지'라고 강박적으로 생각한 적은 한 번도 없었어요. 
아주 단순한 이유로 배역을 선택하곤 했으니까요. 전 어떤 역할이나 작품에 '꽂혀야만' 할 수 있는 사람이에요. 
어렸을 때의 저는 연기가 재미있어서 시작했을 따름이고, 시간이 흐른 지금도 그 이유는 변하지 않았어요. 
하지만 이제는 단순히 나의 흥미나 재미를 위해서만이 아니라 나의 커리어 노선을 보고 
프로페셔널하게 생각하고 결정해야 하지 않을까 하는 생각이 들어요. 
내가 하고 싶은 것만큼이나 '내가 해야 하고 나에게 필요한 것'을 고민해봐야 할 때라는 생각을 하는 거죠.

A)Really, I have never ever thought that 'I must challenge something and show something new' 
Because I used to choose those works very simply[:based on simple reasons]. 
[And] I work or choose something only when I'm attracted to it. 
[For example,] when I was young, I started acting only because it was 'interesting'..
and basically now is the same. But now I think I should consider not only interests, enjoyment,
but also prospective aspects : career, and other professional factors.
I mean it's time to consider 'what I should do and what I need' important as much as 
'what I want to do'


Q) '해야 하고 필요한 작품'은 어떤 작품을 말하는 건가요?

Q) What do you mean by 'what I should do and what I need' ?
A) 어떻게 보면 저는 힘을 좀 많이 실어야 하는 캐릭터를 좋아했던 것 같아요. 아픔이 많거나, 사연이 많은 캐릭터를 
이해하고 표현하는 것에 매력을 느낀 거죠. 하지만 어느 순간에는 오히려 그게 연기에 독이 되는 것 같아요. 
연기 자체가 무거워지니까. 그럼 이제 좀 더 자연스러운 연기를 할 수 있는 캐릭터나 작품이 필요하게 되겠죠. 
예전에는 절대 눈길도 안 줬을 작품이지만 나를 위해서, 좋은 배우가 되기 위해서는 그런 액션이 필요하다는 거죠.

A) In some ways, I preferred somewhat hard[tough] character which needs more intense[=power,stress,..].
I was kinda attracted to understanding and expressing her deep pain, [ardent]stories. 
However, I realized such attitude may be negative, sometime. Because it makes acting heavy[=too serious].
Then I become to need characters that needs more natural performance.
In older times, those are the last characters that I would choose, but such attitude is necessary 
for me, and to be a good actress.

Q) 더 잘할 수 있을꺼요? 이미 좋은 배우라는 말을 여러 번 들었잖아요? 
연기대상도 타봤고, 어린 나이에 이미 인정을 받을 만큼 받았다고 생각했는데 아닌가요? 

Q) Will it possible to be better than now? I mean you already have heard of people's
saying that you are a great actress, many times. And you have been given the Greatest Actress Award.
I think you have been recognized [as a great actress] enough at an early age, haven't you? 

A) 남들이 아무리 칭찬을 해줘도 제가 만족하지 못하면 소용이 없더라고요. 상도 그래요. 그냥 운이 좋아서 많이 받은 것 같아요. 
복 때문에 상을 많이 받은 거지 제가 뭔가를 특별히 잘해서 받았다고 생각하지 않아요. 
그랬다면 저보다 연기를 잘하시는 분이 받아야죠. 정말로요.

A)I realized that it is no use being praised by others when I am dissatisfied with myself.
Prize is the same. I was just lucky. When it comes to prizes, I don't think it's because
of my ability corresponding to it. If it were[=If the results were given based on only 
ability, no luck], some actor other than me should be given it. Really.


Q) 가장 잘 살고 있다고 느낄 때는 언제예요?
Q) When do you consider that you are well-being?
A) 제가 소중하게 생각하는 사람들이 저를 소중하게 생각해주고, 또 저로 인해 기뻐하고 행복해할 때요. 
돈이나 직업적인 성취는 제가 노력하면 얼마든지 이뤄낼 가능성이 높죠. 혹은 목표를 성취하지 못했다고 하더라도 
그냥 슬쩍 나의 기준을 낮추면 어느 정도는 만족할 수 있잖아요? 하지만 사람 관계는 내가 아무리 애를 써도 
상대가 내게 그만큼의 마음이나 믿음을 갖지 못한다면 그 만족감을 느낄 수 없게 되는 것 같아요.

A) When people whom I value also value me, and when they are happy, pleased by me. 
When it comes to money, or career achievement, there's high probability to get it
if I work hard. Or, although if I couldn't achieve it, I could satisfy if I lower the criterion, slightly.
But, relationships seem to be different. However hard I try, when the other party dissatisfied,
me neither.

Q) 마지막으로 이런 이야기를 묻고 싶었어요. 2005년 <댄서의 순정>이 개봉했을 때, 
근영 씨는 코스모와의 인터뷰 말미에서 '전하고 싶은 메시지가 무엇이냐'는 질문을 받았었죠. 
그때 "웃을 일이 없어도 웃으면 돼요"라고 말했어요. 이번엔 코스모 독자들에게 어떤 메시지를 남기고 싶은가요?

Q) My last question is; When <Innocent Steps> was released in 2005, in the interview with Cosmopolitan, 
you were asked what the message you wanted to convey was and you said "Smile no matter what". 
What would you like to say to the readers this time?   [:Translated by 얼음늑대(IceWolf)    Thank you!]

A)자기 자신을 사랑하자고 말하고 싶어요. 단지 자기한테 많이 투자한다는 의미가 아니라, 
자기 자신에 대해서 진심으로 고민하고 생각하고, 어떻게 사랑해야 하고 뭘 사랑해야 하는지 
수많은 고민을 해봐야 한다고 생각해요. 그런 고민이 있어야 자기 삶을 행복하게 만들어갈 수 있지 않을까요? 
저도 그러고 싶고, 그러려고 노력해요.

A) I'd like to say "love yourself". I don't simply mean that you should invest in yourself, but, I think you need to 
think deeply about yourself, how to love as well as what to love. After the agony you went through,
 you should be able to create a happy life. I'd love to and am trying to do so.  [:Translated by 얼음늑대(IceWolf) Thank you! lovyu..]


Credits and Translations by : DCBH