Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kim Jong Kook blushes at the appearance of Moon Geun Young on Running Man

Recently, Kim Jong Kook showed a shy smile at the appearance of his ideal type, Moon Geun Young.
In the episode of SBS’s Running Man that aired on October 7, actress Moon Geun Young featured as a special guest with the theme of “X-Man vs. Running Man.
All the cast of Running Man became very surprised at her appearance. They even argued and fought each other to be the one to serve her.
They praised her from here and there: “What took you so long?” “Your skin has become healthier.” “She’s so cute. Radiant.” Kim Jong Kook drew particular attention as he confessed, “She’s my favorite celebrity. I’ve once said on TV that Moon Geun Young was my ideal type.”
From that point on, a strange atmosphere began to form between Kim and Moon.

credits: koreadotcom