Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kim Jong Kook-Moon Geun Young a new ‘Running Man’ couple?

Kim Jong Kook and Moon Geun Young enjoyed the mudflat romance.
Actress Moon Geun Young and idol group TVXQ made guest appearances on the October 14th episode of SBS ‘Running Man’.
TVXQ sang their new song in the morning to wake up the ‘Running Man’ members and the day started with the ‘Bell Race’. The production team asked Kim Jong Kook, “Is there someone you’d like to partner up with?”
Kim Jong Kook had revealed on the previous episode that Moon Geun Young is his ideal type and he mentioned that he said the same thing on an interview in the past. The production team was teasing Kim Jong Kook but in the end Kim Jong Kook got his wish and he teamed up with Moon Geun Young for the race.
The two stars looked as though they were enjoying each other’s attention and company even from the previous day. While they were traveling in the car, Moon Geun Young took Kim Jong Kook’s side during every conversation and Kim Jong Kook blushed like a shy boy.
During the ‘Photo Zone’ challenge at the mudflat, Kim Jong Kook and Moon Geun Young were seen walking around holding their hands and the members wondered if there was real romance brewing between the two.
Every team had failed the ‘Photo Zone’ challenge and on their way back Moon Geun Young even wrapped her arm around Kim Jong Kook’s and it prompted Yoo Jae Suk to ask, “What sort of relationship do you two have?” Moon Geun Young looked taken aback and shy and she quickly unwrapped her arm from Kim Jong Kook’s. Kim Jong Kook came to her defense saying, “It’s because it’s dangerous at the mudflats.”
Soon after though the two started holding hands again and they walked around the filming location like a real couple on the set.

Source: My Daily, Newsen, TV Report via Nate 
Credits : kpopfever


  1. sweet of KJK..thanks for taking care of geun young on this RM..really really thankful n for u geun young..keep this enjoyable spirit within u k..i luv this side of u..hav fun n always laugh k..

  2. So cute but if they are going to be a couple for real...they'd look awkward since Jong Kook looks like her dad or maybe an uncle. lol.

    1. @dona:haha yeah u maybe right but i think its not really bad somehow since KJK is really protective towards moon n i do believe dat he's gonna protect our angel forever..indeed, he's really a good man..from what i know is he's not alcoholic person except there's some events..n i really think dat it is not bad if moon really gonna choose him coz yeah who doesn't fallin in love wif a gentle n protective guy rite..he's gonna be a good dad n husband..but if moon's fate wif other person..i'll juz accept it but somehow i found dat it's really sweet d relationship between them..a strong man wif a cute smart girl..dat's so cute n sweet!

    2. That may be true but i guess i can't see Jong Kook with anyone other than YEH. lol.

    3. Well Kim Jong kook in a radio talk show did not really look like he had feelings for YEH anymore. It was a long time ago. There was the fortuneteller and she did say that KJK has feelings for Lee Hyori more than Ye jin. But then Lee Hyori has a bf now. From what I heard...Please not song ji hyo. A lot of comments have that but Song Ji Hyo has a decent bf who already met her parents. Moon geung young may look young but I heard of the founder of playboy magazine dude who is 90 years old now married a 20 year old girl. The difference in age between KJK and MGY is big for some people, but come on, I've seen worse. They look great together :P

  3. As long as she's happy, i'm happy^^