Friday, October 12, 2012

Namooactors Magazine (2012 BIFF Special)

Namooactors released the 2012 BIFF Special Magazine
 on October 12,2012 through their Facebook page.

Text: Um…Suddenly can’t think of what to write~
 Still the thing I enjoyed the most when all is said and done is the time I spent with my fans^^
I’ll draw each and every one of them hehe

Text: Morning is breakfast! Today's photo is with breakfast!
Having eaten a full breakfast, I visited Dongbaek Island. I saw a mermaid staue too~
And the sea~ Although the splendid Busan night is great,
 this quiet and pretty Busan morning is great too!! ^^

Moon Geun Young's drawing of her trip
 to Dongbaek Island and her fans (Angels & Bears) ^^ 

Text: I went to Dongbeak Island. I even saw a mermaid statue!
 It was surely an exciting day. Tomorrow too shall be exciting!

Inside Moon Geun Young's bag

Kim Joo Hyuk and Moon Geun Young taking a polaroid
picture together

Moon Geun Young, Jeon Hye Bin and Han Hye Jin.

credits: Namooactors
translation by: Soompimoons