Saturday, October 6, 2012

Moon Geun Young with her Running Man nametag at APAN Star Road

The nation's little sister proved that she's not just hilarious on the show but can be equally hilarious on the red carpet as well (blue carpet for this matter). On October 6th 2012, Moon Geun Young's agency tweeted a picture of Moon Geun Young's dress that has a running man tag on her back. Her agency tweeted, "Moon Geun Young is shooting 'Running Man' at Busan International Film Festival? No, no. It was a special event prepared for the fans. Fans can directly tear off her nametag. Moon Geun Young out" showing a devoting service to her fans.

Moon Geun Young joked that they need to pay 50 cents to be given a chance to tear it off and keep the nametag with her autograph. 

Moon Geun Young is scheduled to appear on 'Running Man' today at 6.10 pm KST. As this is not the first time the name tag made it to the headlines and now with this, maybe the name tag trend should seriously be considered as a fashion statement.

credits: Holyitskpop