Saturday, October 13, 2012

TVXQ and Moon Geun Young provide entertainment with their comical actions on Running Man

TVXQ and Moon Geun Young fought against each other to obtain the bell on SBS’s Running Man.
On the episode of Running Man – Bell Race, which will air on October 14, TVXQ will be doing a mission challenge with the members of Running Man and guest Moon Geun Young.
In a recent recording, TVXQ performed their new song, “Catch Me” in front of the lodging of Running Man members.
TVXQ revealed, “This is the first time that I ever danced with enthusiasm in early morning. Thank you for this making us undergo such a fun hazing.” In the last mission, the team was divided in the offence and defense team and held a chasing match.
In the photo zone game that was held in mud flat, all the participants changed their clothes and did the mission. They gave a good laugh with their comical actions and not caring about getting mud on them.
The production crew reveals, “It was a spectacle race that was filmed in various ways such as in a helicopter, an amphibious boat, and a patrol ship that weighed over 3,000 tons.”

credits: koreadotcom