Monday, May 2, 2016

Moon Geun Young Instagram Update [April 26, 2016]

After coming back from volunteering with Good Neighbors in Malawi, Moon Geun Young has finally posted on her Instagram account. Moons reflects on her experiences in her latest update. She writes,

"I went and came back safely and well.
I was ashamed of my life at times while facing good eyes and pure souls.
Then this helplessness, how I was unable to be any help, made my heart break.
I am finally trying to be concerned.
So their lives can get a little better. So they can be a little more healthy.
I will find the things I am able to do.
I want to protect their pure happiness, their flawless and clean smiles.
I ask to those of you who see these words. Even a very very small concern for them can be a great force. Take an interest in life that has been run over and buried. Together please protect the children’s bright smiles. I ask you, even a small interest.
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‪#‎Really‬ ‪#‎thankyou‬ ‪#‎Day221‬💋"

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Translation credit: MGYIFC