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[Translation] MGY on Japanese Magazine Interview

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Moon Geun Young
When she first met Eun Jo
She was just thinking of holding her
A girl with sneering smile on her cute face
The girl who speaks with a sarcastic twist
Her name was Eun Jo
It is better to regard her as a national sister who turned into Cinderella’s Sister than Cinderella
Viewers were really looking forward to her appearance, but somewhat felt no qualms at the same time
But the mundane voice did not make her waver
In fact, she portrayed the role of Eun Jo, a helpless girl who was compelled to be unkind at full stretch
Ultimately, she delivered a flawless performance, showed a perfect integration of Eun Jo’s deepest feelings, scars, love and growth in the drama
Today, Moon Geun Young from the hit drama is giving us a feeling of love again after portraying the role of Eun Jo in .

Moon Geun Young: “I was just thinking of cuddling Eun Jo when I first met her.”

There is a girl with sneering smile on her cute face, who speaks with a sarcastic twist. Viewers are really looking forward to her appearance when they first heard that the national sister Moon Geun Young will be casting for the role of Cinderella’s sister instead of the Cinderella, but they somewhat felt no qualms at the same time. But she wasn't affected, despite the worriment. Instead, she strived to play the role of Eun Jo. Eventually, she portrayed the role of Eun Jo very well in this drama. Let’s have a look on Moon Geun Young from the hit drama , in point of the love story of and Eun Jo.

--- Uneasiness began when works were much concerned ---
Q: You were pretty busy filming the new TV series (Marry Me, Mary!), so now will you be thinking of ?
A: Yes, I’ll be thinking of while reading the script or asserting myself into the role, though I’m filming a new series now. I’ll take a fresh look at previous works before initiating a new work. Been thinking of quite often as I’m watching recently.

--- It was understood that the director Kim Yeong Jo was afraid of having setback during the casting process, but he received a reply from Moon Geun Young immediately, he was shocked and surprised ---
Q: Why did you decide to make an appearance on this series? Inspired by the challenge spirit?
A: Not because of the challenge spirit in fact. It was because the spirit for acting is exceptionally strong. I was emotionally moved by the plot while reading the synopsis. It was just like reading a novel. I was deeply fascinated by the role of Eun Jo too. I never led a life like Eun Jo, nor did I have Eun Jo’s human relations. I was thinking: “Can I understand Eun Jo?”, “Can I be her?” I wanted to express the feeling on behalf of her. This is an actress’s desire, and hence decided to play the role.

Q: Don’t you feel unrest after deciding to put on a play, as there are still some gaps between such role, so far?
A: Never for a moment. Never been like this till now, the current role. My subject matter at present is: “How many characters can Moon Geun Young handle?” Thus, I was merely thinking of making an effort to play this role well. However, I started experiencing restless gradually before the series was broadcasted when it was gaining a lot of attention with an increasing number of people expecting this series. I was not striking for a new image on purpose through this role. Being an actress, that was simply to broaden my acting style. But people see things quite differently, and don't even realize since when I refused to allow myself to fail.

Q: Could you give some comments or how do you feel when you first met Eun Jo in the script?
A: Hug is a must. I’ll give her a fond embrace without a word even if she tried to throw off my hand or rejected me. How I wish to give everyone a hug in this role.

Q: I learned that you feel great working with the director Kim Yeong Jo and writer Kim Kyu Wan.
A: In fact, I was once felt uneasy working with director Kim. Actors/actresses and director must be modest during shooting. Director Kim is a very mild-mannered person. I was so worry as director Kim has complete confidence in me during filming. I’m not a perfect actress and still young. We felt uncomfortable with each other at the outset but things turned better after we’ve been working together awhile. Write Kim is terrific (laughed). I felt great when I got the script every week. Writer Kim is very lenient, and would listen to the opinion of a young girl like me. Feel indeed happy being able to work together. Feel happier when compliment is given to writer Kim.

Q: Being dependent on Kang Suk / had each other's backs, what is the most difficult part encountered while filming mother-daughter scenes?
A: It was too hard for me physically. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis A initially, and began shooting while still not fully recovered. Somehow, the body started feeling unwell quite easily when I worked a little bit harder. I was feeling full of beans but somehow affected by physical pain indirectly. What a pity.

Q: The leading character grown up and matured via meeting people throughout her life. What do you think of Eun Jo’s major turning point leading to this growth?
A: I think it is Ki Hoon. Eun Jo did mention this in her lines. Ki Hoon came in loving Eun Jo and opened the door of her heart, though it then shut. It is due to the relationship built up with Goo Dae Sung too, a man/dad whom she can rely on. Old classmate, Dong Xiu whom she had not seen for 8 years said: “You’re still the same, never change.” The wound in her heart remains the same although there might have been some changes in her life and surroundings around her. You can looked her over and saw something different in Eun Jo from the way she made an apology after her dad's death. She had a wound that will not heal. It may be hidden, but never fade. So that is why she wished to get as far away with Jung Woo.

Q: Why would you think that?
A: To forget about all the horrible things, affected not to remember it. Eun Jo will lead a happy life if and only if she is out of here. But she certainly will not grow in this way. But in reality, nobody can define a clear growth boundary. Or, it could be changed in the future even if it is define-able. This is not the lifestyle depicted in the .

Q: How do you find Kang Suk’s existence, as for Eun Jo?
A: There was a scene (before getting into the Dae Sung brewery) where both Eun Jo and mother were quarreling back in the hills. Eun Jo’s feeling towards her mother was represented precisely in that scene. It was just like a love-hate relationship. Anyhow, they only had each other, mum was her only refuge. Both were an integral part of each other's lives.

--- Felt Uneasy about First Kissing Scene ---
Q: Do you find it easy playing the part of Eun Jo while acting together with Kim Gab Soo and Lee Mi Sook?
A: Father Gab Soo and I had worked together in the movie in the past. He is still a great actor till now, and helped me a lot while filming. Thanks to him, we are able to handle everything with great ease. I felt so comfortable working with him. We always chat together during the break. I gained more courage talking to him in fact, and took up the main role in stage play as a result. On the other hand, I felt somehow worried working with mother Mi Sook at first as she’s seen as a “strong” type in the TV. But I was wrong about this, after met up with her. She is really kind, just like my real mother. So it was really easy playing the part of Eun Jo. I have reverence for her, as an actress and wished to learn from her too. Moreover, my mother is a big fan of her. They are both almost the same age, and birth date as well. I want to be an actress like her. Many thanks to both father Gab Soo and mother Mi Sook, I’ve learned a lot from them.

Q: Eun Jo and Ki Hoon’s love is so distressful. What would you do if you have fallen in love with someone whom you shouldn’t love, just like Eun Jo?
A: No idea. What are the criteria for “someone whom I’m not supposed to love?” I think I would give up if it is like the relationship between Ki Hoon and Eun Jo, get myself off from him. But it doesn't seem to be rational in a sense, when both are destined to be together. In fact, I just want to lead a simple life when I’m in love.

Q: Eun Jo and Ki Hoon’s dating and kissing scene looks pretty sweet in the latter part. Just wondering, is there any NG kiss scene?
A: Nope, the director was just filming the scene from different angles. I was nervous before shooting as that was my first kissing scene. I can’t just hanging about and disrupt the shooting. Therefore, I was calm when shooting, so as Jung Myung brother.

--- A converse pattern of Eun Jo and Hyo Sun ---
--- Having similarity - The desire to be loved ---

Q: Eun Jo was seen crying for father Goo Dae Sung in the 11th episode. It was particularly sad.
A: I remembered that scene most clearly. I liaised with the writer weekly after 6th, 7th episode, and that scene was still not appearing in the 10th, 11th episode’s script. I was anxiously awaiting its arrival. It was quite hard to express that scene to the audience in reality. I was afraid that I couldn’t do well. Got to know I had to act in the end of 11th episode then after having several calls with the writer. I was trying to develop the feelings prior to the filming. The shooting went on smoothly at last, ended unknowingly. Mother Mi Sook: “I cried a lot seeing your scene”.

Q: Who attracts you the most in reality? Ki Hoon or Jung Woo?
A: I am very satisfied with episode eight’s scene, where Eun Jo had a smile on her face after seeing Jung Woo. I prefer Jung Woo personally, who stares at Eun Jo like a sunflower and sacrificed a lot for her.

Q: Are you close with Ok Taec Yeon behind the scene?
A: I once doubted his acting skills but overcame this prejudice after met up. He is healthy, active and polite. He worked really hard no matter how busy he was, no matter how tired he may be. I am very satisfied with him. He is really smart too, and did well during shooting. I then told him: “I was wrong”. We did keep in touch occasionally at present.

Q: How do you find the relationship between Eun Jo and Hyo Sun? Both characters were created in reverse, friendless Eun Jo and friendly Hyo Sun.
A: I agreed that both were of opposite type but they shared the same concept, to be loved. Hyo Son is eager for love. As for Eun Jo, she rejected physically but she has a desire for love deep inside her heart. My aim is to be a versatile actress.

Q: How do you find Seo Woo, after working with her? Don't you get tired of playing fight scene with an elder sister?
A: She was helpful to me. “Don’t be too nervous, you’re elder during the filming”, she told me when we first met up. She even texted me: “I’m glad to meet Eun Jo”. Therefore, I felt more comfortable this way.

Q: What do you think of this work?
A: I’ve learned a lot from this drama. I've thought a lot about human relations, family and other essential part of human nature in order to portray Eun Jo better. Just like a lifelong learning process (laugh). I've also learned some new manner of expressions since this is my first attempt at playing such a role (laugh). I’ve really learned a lot from this great team. People were worried when I decided to take up this role at first. But at least, they were relieved after watching this drama (laugh). Some might think: “MGY can play this role well too.” is a special work of mine. All of my works are precious and memorable, and I think this drama is the best so far.

Q: You’re working in currently. How do you find Jang Keun Seuk?
A: I developed more interest in filming after , and is of a bright and charming role, which is different from stage play . It is very interesting. Just as the work, the music is relaxing too. The cooperation between us is one of tacit agreement. I’ve always wanted to work with him after seeing his dramas and films in the past. We’re both the same age and lead almost the same life too. We chatted a lot during our first meeting. JKS takes good care of people around him so I feel delighted working with him.

Q: You've debuted for more than 10 years, gained so much popularity now. What is your future goal as an actress?
A: Well, I’ve mentioned something similar just now. To be a versatile actress, this is always my aim and challenge to be dealt with as an actress. I wish to challenge more different kind of roles. I hope people would think of me in any work, any role. But I need to broaden my acting style first in order to achieve this. and are part of the process. I’ll knock myself out from now on. Stay happy and healthy.