Monday, November 21, 2011

Moon Geun Young Returns from New York..Reviewing Potential Projects and Preparing for School

Actress Moon Geun Young has returned after two months of New York life.

On the 20th (of November), a representative from Namoo Actors (Moon Geun Young's agency) stated that Moon Geun Young returned to Korea on the 11th (of November). Moon Geun Young left for the United States last September and had leisurely spent her time in New York.

Moon Geun Young had even previously updated her (Cyworld) mini-hompy about her stay (in New York through a letter to her fans), "Although I felt very lonely, scared, and had many difficulties, as expected, it seems humans instinctively adjust to our environment."

Photos of Moon Geun Young lining up outside of a club in New York to enjoy a Halloween party had also garnered attention on the internet.

While studying English abroad in New York, Moon Geun Young watched broadway plays, enjoying her stay not as actress Moon Geun Young but as free Moon Geun Young.

Moon Geun Young who has returned (to Korea) is reviewing potential projects as well as preparing for her last semester (of school) next year.

[Hope to see you in a project soon Moon ^_^]

source: Star News

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons

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