Friday, August 9, 2013

Jin Ji Hee mentioned Moon Geun Young on her interview

[INTERVIEW] Actress Jin Ji-hee who played the younger version of Jung-Yi (Moon Geun Young) in "Goddess of Fire"

Q. You played the younger version of actress Moon Geun-young’s character. It must’ve felt different since Moon started as a child actor as well.

Jin: My role model changes all the time, but I set her as my new role model this time. She was very considerate, maybe because she experienced life as a child actor too, and has a huge passion for acting. I’ve come to want to learn all those things from her. When I first heard I would get to play the child version of her character, I was so happy. It was an honor.

Q. Moon had to go through growing pains as a child actor and you too, will have to experience it in the process of becoming an adult. What are your thoughts on it?

Jin: I haven’t had a chance to really think it over. But in a way, I think I’d like to show a completely different side to me when I grow up, while on the other hand, I also want to change slowly.