Friday, October 14, 2011

Moon Chae Won talks about Moon Geun Young

Our Moon Geun Young mentioned in a recent Moon Chae Won October interview. She said our Moon and Hyo Joo provided encouragement and cheer that was a big strength to her, and that she feels deeply indebted to her friends.

"In particular, Geun Young (5 Coin couple from Painter of the Wind), maybe because she debuted earlier than I did, always seems like an unni (older sister).(laughs) Since we are only one year apart, although I tell her, ‘Just talk comfortably (without honorifics)’, she says, ‘I shouldn’t’, and always calls me unni and uses honorifics. I realized once again Hyo Joo and Geun Young’s clear eyes and that they are tenderhearted friends.”
source: TV Report
credit: Soompi Moons