Saturday, December 31, 2011

Super Junior's Yesung talks about Moon Geun Young, his Ideal Type

Recently on Dec 27th, Super Junior’s Yesung talked about Moon Geun Young, his ideal type, on Mnet MUST. When asked by the host, Yoon Do Hyun, if there is an actress whom he likes, Yesung confessed that since before his debut, he has been devoted single-mindedly to one person, whom he revealed is Moon Geun Young. "I really like Moon Geun Young," he admitted. He continued, saying that several times, people around him who know Moon Geun Young had asked, "Should I introduced you to her?" But he shared his thoughts in wanting an ideal type to remain as an ideal type, quickly adding, “Really,” when fans voiced their doubt. Yesung further explained that it’s been said that Moon Geun Young is good at drinking alcohol, while he revealed that he is not. Yet fellow Super Junior member Kyuhyun shared that not too long ago, Yesung came to him saying, “This time, someone offered (to introduce me to Moon Geun Young). Should I do it? Should I try?” While Yesung explained that that was not what he meant, host Yoon Do Hyun remarked that Yesung looked slightly embarrassed. Trying to clarify, Yesung said, “Since she was going to New York, and Super Junior was preparing for a concert in New York, I had talked about inviting her (to the concert).” But sadly, it seems Yesung did not extend his invitation, as he added that when people come to see Super Junior, there are such instances where they fall for Super Junior member Shiwon.


credits to and translations by Soompi Moons