Monday, January 16, 2012

Lee Min Ho and Moon Geun Young fail to earn enough credits to graduate

Actor Lee Min Ho and actress Moon Geun Young will not be able to graduate from their schools this February.

Lee and Moon entered college in 2006 but they failed to earn enough credits to graduate. The two stars worked hard both in school and entertainment business last year but they couldn’t earn enough credits to graduate. Lee is studying cinematography at Konkuk University and Moon is studying Korean language and literature at Sungkyunkwan University. They will take one more semester and may graduate in fall.

On January 16, a spokesperson for Lee said, “Since Lee appeared on the series City Hunter starting in May through July of last year, he was unable to finish all the required courses for graduation. He tried to cover the credits with assignments but since his attendance was so low, he decided to take one more semester.

A spokesperson for Moon also said, “She wanted to graduate this year but she took a temporary leave from school to work and perform. As a result, she is not able to graduate in February. I heard that she has to earn 8 more credits.”

These kind of situations imply that schools have become very strict on entertainers and their requirements for graduates. According to officials in the entertainment business, the entertainers could have graduated if their managers or coworkers had handed in reports in the past, but now that is not an option.

Actor Won Bin also had trouble graduating from his University. When he was about to graduate in 2003, he had to take a ski course to earn one more credit to graduate.

He became a graduate student to delay enlistment to the Army in order to shoot the movie My Brother.