Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Which ★ Will Best Help Their Friend in Danger? Moon Geun Young, Um Tae Woong Chosen as No.1

With the increasing awareness of the problem of outcast and violence by the recent Daegu Junior High School student suicide incident, a recent survey asked, "Which celebrity do you think will best help their friend who is in danger?" Um Tae Woong and Moon Geun Young were chosen as number 1.
From this past January 2nd to the 6th, Media Native which runs broadcasting and media job employment portal sites, Media Tong and Creek & River Korea, surveyed 314 job seekers and office workers who chose Um Tae Woong and Moon Geun Young as number 1 for "The Celebrity Who Will Best Help Their Friend in Danger."
Moon Geun Young was chosen as the number 1 female celebrity (45.6%) with reasons such as, "Like her many charitable deeds, (we) think her kindness is a part of her body," and "(We) think she will stand up for her friend who is being harmed."
source: TVReport
credit: Soompimoons