Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moon Geun Young in Discussions to Play the Lead in Historical Film 'Princess Deok Hye'

Moon Geun Young is in discussions to play the lead role in director Heo Jin Ho's melodramatic historical film 'Princess Deok Hye.'

Director Heo Jin Ho, who has received lots of love for his melodramatic films like 'Happiness' and 'April Snow,' is looking to introduce the tragic story of Joseon Dynasty's last princess Deok Hye to Korean audiences. While the casting has not been confirmed, Moon Geun Young is the leading candidate being considered to appear in the film and thus is drawing attention. It has been revealed that Moon Geun Young's side is currently in discussions with production about her appearance.

One person involved in the film said, "The role is prepared for a star who can also act out the pain of that time. If Moon Geun Young decides to appear in 'Princess Deok Hye,' together with director Heo Jin Ho, I forsee it showing a significant display of abilties."

The film 'Princess Deok Hye' is about the dire history and tragic life lived by the daughter of Emperor Gojong (who was taken to Japan, forced to marry a Japanese Count, suffered from mental illness, an unhappy marriage, and the loss of her only daughter who went missing after leaving a note hinting at suicide).

While 'Princess Deok Hye' has had success both as a novel and play, 'Princess Deok Hye,' is a film which director Heo Jin Ho has been secretly pushing to be made for a long time.

source: Sports Donga
credits to and translations by Soompi Moons


  1. yes finally she do a film..i cannot wait to see her again on the big screen...i miss her very much,i <3 moon geun young...

  2. most awaited drama.."princess deok hye" :)

  3. can't wait to see it...


  4. i don't want to see her playing sad role. It makes me sad so badly! Wanna see her happy smiles instead! However, still hopes she takes this cause i miss her:)

  5. yes i am so happy that she is coming back soon, misses her a lot of everything in her. Does anyone of mgy fans know when will that be pls i.e. if you have any latest about her. Thku

  6. I hv read the story of Princess Deok Hye and its a sad life of a princess. However indeed a real good star only can act and thfore Director Heo hv made a vy wise and gd choice by asking MGY to act in this drama. This role of the princess is not as easy one as she has to go thru all the different stages of sufferings , a vy teary story.
    We as fan of MGY strongly believe and confidently know that she can display her abilities excellently given any roles of acting, so ggfans pls, pls, lets pray hard she accept this drama and I can say with confidence she may win the excellent award as well as the grand award like she did in the painter of the wind, so fans lets give her our support . FIGHTING. - I HOPE SHE SEES THIS MSG. CAN SOMEONE SEND TO HER ON OUR BEHALF OF GGFANS PLS. THANKS IN ADVANCE.