Saturday, September 15, 2012

2012.09.11 Cyworld Updates

Update 1

한번 머겅-
두번 머겅-
세번 머겅-
고기만 머겅-
킁칫핏- 히히-

Get it once-
Get it twice-
Get it thrice-
Get this meat many times-
Keungchitpit- hihi-

Update 2

그럼 이것도 머겅-
두번 머겅-
세번 머겅-
다 머겅-
맛난 고기 찾기 힘들었
또르르... 진심.

Get this also-
Get it twice-
Get it thrice-
Get it all-
This kind of meat was hard to find

Update 3

But why did it to me?
Me..who was hurt by a mistake?
(Oh..look at that, someone is hiding on that person) Shh..

Update 4

Not because of you guys!True!True!
But, it can't be said  .. In fact there's an exception
No.. because of each other, what..
Yeah.. well its..i will do my best..
with knees to apologize, keuk-

Update 5
Rather than waiting at the room,
i must go out for a while.
I know!I should go out with courage but not too fast.
So that was it..yo..

credits: MGYIFC + HanaShiponna's Blog + DCBH
translation by MGYIFC