Friday, September 21, 2012

InStyle BIFF PERFECT PAIRS Interview (October 2012)


Action! Cut! NG! Again action! Between them, numerous indications suggest that they would have crossed paths and met. An actress and a director, perhaps their meeting and communication is like a scene from a movie.  

Moon Geun Young & Min Kyu Dong

With a camera in front of them, actress Moon Geun Young and director Min Kyu Dong sat facing each other awkwardly. This is the first time the two have met. Having to take an affectionate pose in front of the camera after just greeting each other, the two suddenly had eye contact, were shoulder to shoulder and began communicating. As a director and as an actress, they both shared their admiration for each other, and endured the difficulty of doing an 'awkward shoot.' During the interview, Moon Geun Young's role was great.

"When asked which director I would like to meet, I thought of 'Antique' which I most recently watched. Because I thought it was a feel good movie, I looked at the director's name and director Min Kyu Dong's name was written. In addition, I was even more pleased to know that among the 'Whispering Corridors' series, 'Whispering Corridors 2' is his work. Adding 'All About My Wife,' which I most recently watched, there was plenty of good reason for wanting to meet the director."

Director Min Kyu Dong replied that he has been a long-time fan and recalled when he first saw Moon Geun Young. "Geun Young was probably 15 years old. In the music video [watch here] for drama 'Empress Myung Sung' i.e 'The Lost Empire,' I was charmed by Geun Young's sad eyes which at any moment looked like they would pour with tears. Those are eyes which if you are not born with, you cannot make." To director Min Kyu Dong, Moon Geun Young is like a treasure island. You are unable to access easily, and like an unknown place which you cannot find without a map, to director Min Kyu Dong, Moon Geun Young is an actress he's curious of and who he wants to pull down the veil (of mystery) which surrounds her at least once.

"With the conjunction of school classes, there were restrictions on my work activities. I really like studying just as much as I like acting. But now, I've graduated! Although people say I am coming back in a long time, to be honest, the moment I graduated from university, I thought, 'From now, it begins!'"

To director Min Kyu Dong who is happy about Moon Geun Young's (return to acting), he was asked how a movie like 'Black Swan' would be for her. "Natalie Portman started as a child actress and successfully overcame the transition into an adult actress. She is a rare actress. Like Natalie Portman, I wish Geun Young can create her own special place as a female lead too." After finishing the meeting with director Min Kyu Dong, Moon Geun Young made a non-confession confession. "My first impression of meeting the director? Umm… He was like a 'Little prince'! Although (the meeting) was short today, having shared a lot of things, he is someone I would like to get to know more of."

source: InStyle via DCBH
credits to and translations by Soompi Moons