Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Moon Geun Young's recent mentions by AOA Hye Jeong and So Yi Hyun

So Yi Hyun, "Moon Geun Young is the Biggest Harvest I Gained from 'Cheongdam-dong Alice'"

Moon Geun Young was recently mentioned in an interview by So Yi Hyun:

"We still keep in touch with each other often, and while filming 'Cheongdam-dong Alice,' my biggest harvest was getting to know actress Moon Geun Young."

So Yi hyun continued, "Moon Geun Young is an actress who has a very clear view of acting. When we talk together, she seems like a teacher who has acted for a long time," and lavished with praise. 

Through this project, one of the biggest harvests Hye Jeong gained was meeting Moon Geun Young, who is a wonderful mentor. She was a kind unni to Hye Jong, who helped relieve her anxiety, and also a precious senior, who taught her detailed acting guidance and know-how.

Hye Jeong said, "Before the first filming, I first met Moon Geun Young senior at the place where we took the family photo. I thought she would have a quiet personality, and I recall being surprised at her lively personality. Upon seeing me hesitating, she even first put her arm around my shoulder, and during filmings also, 'If I were Se Jin, wouldn't I try this,' she personally demonstrated and showed me which made me touched. Not just the character, but like a real older sister, she played jokes and treated me warmly so that I was able to easily adjust," and complimented Moon Geun Young fervently.

Hye Jeong: "Because I'm an only child, I didn't know the feeling of younger siblings well. I asked my member unnis or younger siblings what it's like to have siblings a lot... Geun Young unni also, like a real unni, took very good care of me on the film set."
credits and translations: Soompimoons