Friday, February 3, 2012

2012.02.03 Cyworld Update

"잘 모르겠다"
"I am not sure"

credits: MGYIFC


  1. Does Geun Young have an upcoming project? I hope it will be real soon. Any news on her being together with Jang Keun Suk? Please update us. Whaiting!!!

  2. geun young unnie!!hi there!!it's me again ur absolute fan..hehe..hope u will come out wif another project soon k..we miss u badly u know..but we hold it on first, coz wwe know u also hav another things need to be settle down too right?so u know what..whatever u do, please be strong k..we need u..dakara, stay healthy bong!!i will stay as ur best fan ever..I PROMISE!!so fighting bong!!u can do it!!we believe in u!!ganbatte ne!!>.<

  3. moonie!!i luv u n i luv all ur co-star especially moon chae won, kim rae won, jang geun suk n chun jung myung!!stay healthy moonie..we are moonie lovers will always luv u n support u in whatever u do..fighting!!put a lil trust in u also k..

  4. Moonie we miss you!! We hope to see you again in drama/movie this year ^^

  5. Missing you so badly our Moon geun Young! hope we'll see you n your next project! we're praying for that!