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English Translation: Moon Geun Young on Yashimanman 2005 Part 1

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Starting from 02:26 min.
(Red Text : MGY; Blue Text: Ji Suk Jin; Orange Text: Park Keon Hyeong
Purple: Tablo, Green: Jang Geun Suk, Host: Black)

02:26: I still don’t know what love is ..Wait for me baby..
02:34:  Frankly, When I give my lips for someone to “handle” 
I feel so weird/ strange..My body is shaked
02:41: Let’s see my charming movings..Feel so great..
02:44: Actually, I did swim like that
02:48:  Then, I stared in the mirror
02:50: Wow! Its real!

YASHIMANMAN Taste of Flavor

Park Soo Hong: Today, the YSMM program..We can’t ignore the special taste of the flavor today..Through the internet, We collected all questions of viewers..This will make us understand what viewers want in our program.  
Kang ho Dong: This is also a “convention” which we promised/singed with national viewers. Fans require us give you their questions . about what things they are curious  To the fan’s questions If there is any time you avoid answering the questions like that… like that If you act like that..  It means you can’t overcome challenges by yourselves We will be punished (means we make viewers disappointed)..
ParK Soo Hong: Yes..
Kang Ho Dong: Are you ready??
Fans: Ready!
Kang Ho Dong: Louder please! Ready??
Fans: Yeah Ready!

Park Soo Hong: Are you married? You said that “I’ve never been married”. It means an accident or intention???
Ji Suk Jin!
Fans: Answer Please!
Ji Suk Jin: Honestly, I’ve not told some thing like that.  It’s a true. Because….In fact, I never have any change to justify I can’t always say that I’m married whenever I go out.."Hi! Mr Ji Suk Jin
oh, excuse me! I’m married"

Kang Ho Dong:  So, I wonder when will you pay attention to pretty girls?
 At that time, You ever thought that “I wish I didn’t got married”.
 Have you ever thought something like that???

Ji Suk Jin: Oh, It’s hard to answer this question.
Honestly,….. Today….
Today, I see a “innocent angel” by face-to-face, don’t I ? 

Ji Suk Jin: Because there is an appearance of “pure Moon Geun Young” here…

Ji Suk Jin: we have to open our hearts to them  Even though we have to let pass the considerate smiles.  Instead of that, we should take the place of cheery smiles as an appetizer of this program.  Yeah, we have to be honest like that Because there is a pure angle present here (Moon) Although a man who got married or not  stands in the front of a beautiful girl, His heart will be shaken/moved a little bit I think everybody also have a kind of feeling

Kang Ho Dong: May ask you a straight question?
 So, Who is a girl made your heart stop?

Ji Suk Jin: The first time I saw her, my heart was stopped  When I continued looking at her, my heart was beaten again.  In fact that I was confused in the first time
That’s Ock Jun Hyun..Her legs are as straight as the high way
 You know, there is sometimes some mistakes of makeup when filming on the studio.
So, my lips look like pale/white.. She closely came to me and said "Suk Jin oppa, your lips so white/pale let me  help you"
 Then, she brought to me red lipstick ..Actually, I could do it by myself
That’s a strange feeling.. Frankly, I let someone “handle” my lips..
 That made me so confused that I cound’nt find my seat. 
Suddenly, my face was paralyzed..After that, she apply lipstick on my lips
My body was shaken totally..
Kang Ho Dong:  I think you could expect for something, “ Do you like her?"
Have you ever thought like that? 1, 2 ,3.
Ji Suk Jin: yes!.... However, this also depends on each people

Moon Geun Young Part
Kang Ho Dong: And, the next person is Moon Geun Young
" I still don’t know what love is..Wait for me, my baby"
 Can you give us a part of this song, please?

Moon Geun Young: “I still don’t know what love is
Wait for me, my baby”
Park Soo Hong: Fans/viewers have a question for you
 Have you ever been fell in love????
 In daily life/in the real life, when was your first love?
Fans: Answer please!
Moon Geun Young:  Oh, My first love is in the second grade?
I did really like the boy who next to me..
Kang Ho Dong:  oh, the second grade??????
He is a twin boy..(Moon’s first love is a twin boy)
My best friend… is also a classmate with the elderly twin brother of that boy (the boy that Moon like) we both like two twin brother so, We talk about the twins whenever we have chance to meet each other..
Kang Ho Dong:  It means the twins are as like as two peas??
Moon Geun Young: Yes..So, My best friend often said…
 How handsome the elderly is!!! 
 And I said: oh, the younger brother is more handsome than the older boy
 I always tried to bullying him
Kang Ho Dong: Did you do that due to you like him????
Moon Geun Young: You know, When we were young, If a boy like a girl… he will bullying that girl  Conversely, I did bullying him As a result, Once I made him cry..
Kang Ho Dong: Oh, I know it… Moon Geun Young is very active

Park Keon Hyeong: So,…. How to express my words.. As I know, boys are afraid of her
Moon Geun Young: well, my best girl friend is very gentle and nice..As Keon Hyeong oppa said, I’m not as gentle as my friend..Fortunately,…He learned Taekwando.
Kang Ho Dong: Please, Let’s present some actions of Taewondo
Moon Geun Young: Like that,,

Park Keon Hyeong:  Oh dear! What’s that??
Kang Ho Dong:  What about your junior high school?

Moon Geun Young: well, think about that time, when I was in the junior high school
 I think I did depend on him very much, like him as well..

To be continued..

credits: MGYIFC
Translated by: Quynh Nguyen + MGYIFC
Big thanks to Anne Kabayaki :)



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    Air Date: April 18th, 2005
    Episode Number: #108
    Guests: Moon Geun Young, Ji Suk Jin, Park Gun Hyung, Jang Geun Suk, Tablo

    Air Date: April 25th, 2005
    Episode Number: #109
    Guests: Moon Geun Young, Ji Suk Jin, Park Gun Hyung, Jang Geun Suk, Tablo

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