Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shin Se Kyung “ Moon Geun Young is very good senior to me. She has many things that I have to learn from her”.

Do you remember Shin Se Kyung? The one with  beautiful lips who played  little Princess Cheon Myeong , Queen Soen Duk’s sister in MBC hit drama Queen Seon Duk.
Looks like Shin Se Kyung adores Moon Geun Young.
Shin Se Kyung confessed “Moon Geun Young is the senior that I have to learn much from her”.
In QTV special documentary program “I am real Shin Se Kyung”, which is programmed to show the real life of 20 years old Shin Se Kyung”, she continued “ Even when my mother complain to me, she told ‘You better resemble Moon Geun Young just by half of her”.
Shin Se Kyung has belonged to same management company with Moon Geun Young from early childhood. Both of them had worked together in movie “My Little Bride” on year 2004. There, Shin Se Kyung acted as best friend of Moon Geun Young.
To the question  , “in what part are you superior than Moon Geun Young ?”, she answered “Nothing, if you force to answer, maybe my mature appearance, that is, even when I just graduated from elementary school, I acted like high-school girl character”
This answer makes people smile.
Shin Se Kyung also expressed the desire that she want to act various character, because there are many kind of life character in the world. Also she told : I want more than three child after marriage, because, I felt lonely when grow up as I am a single child in my family.
Source : BNT +