Thursday, March 29, 2012

MGYIFC Birthday Project for Moon Geun Young

 Moon Geun Young's birthday is coming! So we decided to make a birthday project
just for her. We will going to make a video that contains our birthday greetings to Moon Geun Young,
We will also include some photos on it.

We want this to become a successful , so we hope International Fans will join this project .

- The video greetings that you will submit will be 1-20 seconds only 
(Don't forget to mention your country on the video)
Example: Happy Birthday Moon Geun Young! Greetings from Philippines!

- If you don't want to submit a video, you can submit a picture of yours or a group picture 
of Moon's fans showing your greetings.

-  Submit the videos or your photos at

- Submission is until April 18, 2012

This project will be going to send to Moon Geun Young ^^
So please tell your friends to join this birthday project !

Any questions? Just leave a comment here!


  1. i submit to her gmail account right!!!

  2. i will :) hope to chose my picture to greet her :)) thanks. -sharmaine dale tagorio <3

  3. seangil chukkahamnida!!! moonie!
    always love u..and support u..wish u all the best..