Friday, June 22, 2012

2012.06.20 SKKU Update

Via Synergy1968 weibo update (2012.06.20)
这两天星运不减啊!在经营馆空教室看书,近来两个人,我瞥了她们一眼,她们看我在学习就退出去了;过了5分钟又进来了,其中一个女的问我"不好意思请问你要学习到几点?"我一看这个女的有点眼熟啊!说"到晚上吧"再仔细一看不是#文根英# 嘛!于是问她们是不是要组讨论...但是她已经关上半个门了。

This was saying she (this person) feels lucky that she bumped into celebrities these days. She was studying at a empty classroom and two people walked into, she glanced at them and they stepped out since seeing she study there. However, after about 5 minutes they entered the classroom again. One of them asked politely when will she finish her study there? She looked at this girl and thought "she's kind of familiar!" while answering " till night I think." Then she took a closer look and found that girl is Moon Geun Young! so she was about to ask them if they want to have a group discussion but.... too late, she already closed the door and left.

credits: MGYIFC
translation by: Glo@MGYIFC