Friday, June 22, 2012

Kim Sae Rom is the same age as actress Moon Geun Young

Entertainer Kim Sae Rom was recently dubbed “Girl with an Old Face.”
Kim appeared in the episode of KBS2’s Happy Together: Season 3 that aired on June 21. When asked about a relationship with comedian Ahn Sun Young, Kim emphasized that she is 12 years younger than Ahn.
In response, Ahn quipped, “Kim Sae Rom is the same age as actress Moon Geun Young, dubbing Kim “Girl with an Old Face.” With this remark, other cast expressed a huge surprise, yelling, “Is that true?” Embarrassed Kim laughed out, saying, “I see. This is the way you tease me, isn’t it?”
Next, Kim confirmed that she had an old-looking face, confessing, “I am as old as f(X)’s Victoria and even a year younger than BoA.” Born in 1987, Kim is 26 years old. 

Source: TV Report

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  1. From Anonymous,

    Kim is a pretty lady! Do not compare her to anyone and tell her she is old. I live a very healthy life and fully expect to reach 115-120 yrs. Kim can do the same and maybe more. My bet would be she will reach 100 and still be beautiful.