Monday, June 11, 2012

Moon Geun Young to Return to Acting as Early as August or September

Actress Moon Geun Young is returning.

In the first half of 2012, Moon Geun Young was completing her remaining credits. In the second half, she plans on finishing her language skill assessments for her graduation (this Fall). So she may determine her comeback as early as August or September.

Moon Geun Young's agency, Namoo Actors, has recently been receiving a flood of the latest drama synopses and film scenarios, giving them a big smile. A Namoo Actors representative said, "Nothing is confirmed yet. Because Moon Geun Young's personal opinion is important, she is pondering over several projects."

Moon Geun Young is also expected to show a transformation with her return. The scenarios' characters for (which she's received) casting offers have been varied and different from before. From romantic comedy to thriller, the genres are also broader. It is because she is no longer a girl referred to as the 'nation's little sister' but has grown into a mature lady.

Another area that will welcome Moon Geun Young's return is CFs (commercial films or commercials). When Moon Geun Young returns, it seems she will be active and visible in CFs naturally. Even in the midst of having stopped acting activities, Moon Geun Young was chosen as the most recent advertising model for Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical's beverage brand Vita500. A Namoo Actors representative said, "Recently, stars are also active in connection with corporate marketing. In mind of a character transformation, joint promotion proposals will continue."

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons


  1. This just made my day even better!

  2. From Anonymous,
    Exactly my thoughts for the past month. Moon is so far beyond those days of being cast as a cutesy schoolgirl. She has grown into a mature young woman who, in my most humble opinion, would do very well in any serious production. That is so obvious in many of her photographs. The maturity in her facial expressions tells me she has blossomed into a woman who is capable of taking on the world.
    If it is what you really want, Moon, you will succeed. I have no doubt of that.

  3. Hello Anonymous - my sentiments with you too. i agree Moon is definitely a very gifted, talented , excellent acting in any characters that call for, the best of all actresses ( my opinion - but of cos there ARE just to name a few) yes shes truly a blossomed mature lady and definitely will succeed in life. No doubt i want moon - just patiently waiting for her return asap. go girl yes u can - and we definitely support you all thru ur life.

  4. Wah i hope it s a drama again!!!

  5. This made my day!! I thought she will return to acting as soon as July, but August/September is fine! I'm not complaining at all. She is really a great actress. Can't wait to see her in a drama. Finally:)

  6. im so happy about that...

  7. i always support her