Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013.01.09 Moon Geun Young's Heartfelt Letter

[note: the repeated phrase to the right of Bong's picture translates to "Bears who support." Nae-jo usually refers to a woman who supports her husband/spouse . The phrase was the closing written by fans on each card to describe the gifts to Bong. Bong put the cards on top of each other with the closings visible ]

Title: To So~ Lovable Bears.
By: Moon Geun Young 2013.01.09 20:44

Hello? Bears.

I'm Han Se (character in Cheongdam-dong Alice), who today with a full stomach, received your gifts with a warm heart.
Wondering when you could come with the gifts*? If it was even possible to come? Your hearts were probably restless...
On such a cold day like today, for dashing all the way over here to the far Konjiam...
Really, really thank you so~ much. Heet-
[*note: Fans' visit to the film set was delayed to January]

Today because of you all, I gained a lot of strength, I was overjoyed, and happy.
Ever since I heard that you were coming today, until the moment that we met…
My heart fluttered and fluttered again. I was very excited. Kkya-

But after finally meeting you, my heart was moved...
I was about to cry (over emotional). Keuk-
Um… I'm still not sure why I was like that.

If I think about it deeply,
I was thankful, glad (to see you), and sorry…
Just, just~ continuously~ just~ I think I was like that.

Perhaps... More than anything else... I think I was very glad (to see you).
I was really glad (to see you). Really.
Just I was really glad (to see you). A lot, a lot.
Because I was so glad (to see you), my heart started to hurt because I was so glad (to see you). Really.

Even without pointing out each of our bear's sense/wit, since the whole world already knows.
Today I'll just digest, pick, and enjoy each minute (sense/wit)... Heet-

For supporting me who is lacking and foolish*. For watching over me. For loving me.
I sincerely thank you.
And because I'm always lacking and foolish.
I'm sincerely sorry.
[*note: Moon is hard on herself.]

Seeing bears keep saying you're sorry today.
I wanted to tell you. 'I am so many more times sorry.'
I know that you don't like it (when I say I'm sorry)... But... I'm sorry.
(You ask) what am I sorry for? Aeit- That I don't know. Even if I do, I just want to know. Keuk-

Now I've realized yet again, perhaps I am saying this sincerely.
That even if you *cheat,
Even if you cause me headaches,
Even if you tease me with prohibited pictures, etc.!!!!!
You don't have to be sorry.
Since I am grateful, thankful just because of your existence, and being alone.
Though even if it may be moment by moment.
If they are the moments that are because of you all, then that alone makes me happy, and happy.
Therefore, do not say you're sorry.
Because then I will be even more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more sorry.
[*note: Bears often tease Bong that they are cheating on her by liking other celebrities kekeke]

In any case, today I was really thankful and grateful.
The remaining 2 weeks, until the end! I won’t give up! And do my best!

Bears! Really you're so~ precious. Really thank you!

Song / Artist
Calling You From Here (여기서 그대를 부르네) - Lucid Fall (루시드 폴)
Our Beautiful Time (우리 아름다운 시간은)  - Lucid Fall (루시드 폴)
Let's Walk (걸어가자) - Lucid Fall (루시드 폴)

source: Moon Geun Young's Cyworld
credits to and translations by Soompi Moons