Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013.01.29 Moon Geun Young's Adorable Thank You Letter to Bears

[My Choice for the Heading] Bears Show the Talent, the Owner Receives the Compliment.     
[note: Moon Geun Young posted this letter at DCBH on January 29, 2013, the morning after the wrap-up party for Cheongdam-dong Alice, and also the day of her 14th year debut appearance on "TV Brings Love / TV는 사랑을 싣고." The heading for the posts by fans all said, "[Moon Geun Young Debut 14 Years] [문근영 데뷔 14주년]," and Bong wittingly put, "[My Choice for the Heading]." Bears call Moon Geun Young (aka Bong) their owner (juin 주인, soyuja 소유자) so she plays along keke]

Yesterday our bears who were probably very nervous.
Really thank you. Really, really.
And really, really you worked so hard.
Thanks to you, Cheongdam-dong Alice staff, and actors were able to have a beautiful finish.
Once again, really thank you^-^

Yesterday Director Jjang (Director Jang Tae Yoo [from Painter of the Wind]) said this.
"You are blessed because you have these people (bears) by your side. Really!"

Yes. That's right. Really that's right. It's true that I am blessed (to have bears by my side). I, too, know very well.

And the compliments of bears continued so much. (W~hy~? What, what? What's pretty~ keung- keke) 
[note: Bong is teasing bears since they tease her keke]

Proud of bears, proud of the gallery, and ate so many fruits of confidence, confidence.
"Yes~ these are my bears!!!!"
Thinking I might look like a fool, although I couldn't dare say these words out loud...
Really my whole face, whole heart, showed confidence, confidence- proud, proud- proud, proud-
Really I was proud (of you). Of you, and (in turn) even of me. 

Really thank you.
For giving me also fruits of confidence.
And always making me happy.
Really.. thank you.

Truthfully! It would be hard to earn 1 trillion 2.1 billion, (keuk-)
But I'll work like a cow and earn a lot of money and prepare a house to formally propose to you. Kkya- (////ㅁ////)
So bears who support, please take good care of me in the future too!
I too will try even, even, even harder to become an actress who bears are not ashamed, embarrassed of. 

Really really, really thank you- (--)(__)(--)(__)~♡ 
[note: (--)(__)(--)(__) is a bowing emoticon]

PS. Ah~ really so pretty I can die (expression)!!!!! Where did these bears roll in from? Huh? Huh?
Really, really, so, so pretty I can die that I'm going to go crazy~ ㅠ0ㅠ   
I really, really have so many things that I want to say, and tell you,
That I can only express my heart with just these words, I feel regret, sad, like that...
Really, really pretty, really cool, really lovable, really proud of...
Thank you so much! Much, much, more than these words!!!
And... I ate the fruits for a hangover^-^k Thank you also for that too! keuk-
Yes! I like it a lot, a lot! That you are my fans! Kkya-

source: DCBH
credits and translations: Soompimoons (