Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moon Geun Young Self Camera Unveiled, Lovable Half Moon Eye Smile

Moon Geun Young's self camera video has been released.

On January 22, Moon Geun Young's company Namoo Actors released a behind the scenes video of the SBS weekend drama 'Cheongdam-dong Alice' on their official YouTube channel. This video is a self camera personally filmed by Moon Geun Young.

Moon Geun Young shows a very lively image in the video, beginning with looking at the cathedral's stained glass in awe, as well as joking together with the makeup staff. Moon Geun Young's half moon eyes beaming with playfulness made the staffs have a mom's smile.
Moon Geun Young shows sense by introducing 'Cheongdam-dong' Alice's Director of Photography Bae Hong Su and Park Si Hoo, who she is filming together with, as they are seen in the camera. Immediately after introducing them, she looks around at the surroundings and with a shy smile says, "I don't have things to say," and creates laughter.

A film representative said, "It must've been hard for her because it was a very cold and also emotionally difficult scene, but during the breaks in between, she was playful as the atmosphere maker," and shared about the current atmosphere.

Meanwhile, SBS drama 'Cheongdam-dong Alice' is awaiting its final episode on the 27th. Attention is on what kind of ending will unfold as Han Se Kyung (actress Moon Geun Young) holds the leaving Cha Seung Jo (actor Park Si Hoo), and makes a realistic ardent confession saying, "If after you see all of me, and still cannot accept me, then at that time, you can completely discard me and go."

credits and translations: soompimoons