Saturday, April 6, 2013

Notice: Boycott the vote for Baeksang 2013

For international fans MGY, DCBH Bears have come to decide to boycott the vote for Baeksang 2013.

Bears have come to decide to boycott the vote for Baeksang 2013 becase the Baeksang committee has been allegedly reported to leak voters' personal information, especially phone numbers to some spam companies. This caused a lot of damages to the fans including their family members throgh celluar phones, such as phonepornes, phone private loan advertisement messages or callings anytime

It should be seriously taken because there are lots of fans under the age 18.... More worse... the damage still continues since last year... we never know when it will stop. This decision is only for this year. Bears are really willing to vote for our actress... if there will be no harm at all.. from making a call to vote, and it's really a pity we lose our opportunity to show our support and love because of spams

Instead of voting for the popular award... I'm not sure... but I think Bears are trying to find some other ways to show our support for our dear lovely actress Moon Geun Young.|

It's up to you to take part in this boycotting or not, but if possible we welcome your participation to reach the zero (0 %) vote percentage in the voting level. Because we want to show the organization how much seriously people take the personal information leak and spams.

Thanks for reading!

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* added more ... from 1958 형

We also want you, huge number of foreign fans of Moon, to boycott the award, with us. Rank is not the most essential part of such festival, but it is sufficiently important in some aspects. When the turnout of voters of Moon is close to zero, its not a problem but when her rank is ambiguous (vague) such as 10th or 15th (since many Korean fans will boycott it her rank cant be greater than that)

It can be used as an index of her popularity or influence etc, which is not happy news. Because of aboves (the biggest reason is of course the personal information problem) we suggest you to join us, boycott it together.