Monday, May 20, 2013

[PROJECT] Goddess of Fire Rice Wreath Donation

Goddess of Fire is fast approaching. We know that everyone is excited right? And part of this another big event of our Moon, for sure there will be a press conference before the premiere day. 

What is  a “Rice Wreath”?
A rice wreath is similar to a flower bouquet, but in place of flowers they are stacked with bags of rice.  PLUS – every bag of rice will be donated to support a charitable cause.
 We the admin from different MGY International Fan Page would like to inform you that we decided to join this big event. Our plan is going to join this rice wreaths program for Goddess of Fire presscon.

We are planning to use Dreame‘s service ( for this project as they have previously handle a number of supporters’ events locally and overseas.

Picture below is an example of Rice Wreath that we’re planning to order (200kg packet with banner, etc):

How do you make a donation?

We are accepting donations through Western Union

Our account:
Urgello St. Cebu City 6000

Deadline for Donations: June 20 ,2013

Please e-mail us to after donating with the following details :

Amount :

We're expecting everyone to join this event so that we can help our Moon for her charity program. It  will be donated to poor children or people by the name of our Moon Geun Young.

Our aim is to donate at least 100kg (possibly more depending on donations)

20 Kg with 2 Ribbon (left:cheer message Right: name of the fan club or fan), 
a photo(A4) of star= 92USD 

20 Kg with Picket (with 2 Ribbon(left:cheer message Right: name of the fan club or fan), a picket for star(width 38cm X length 53cm) = 106USD

20kg with Banner (left:cheer message Right: name of the fan club or fan), a small banner(15cm X 45cm X110cm), a photo(A4) of star = 120 USD

100 kg with Banner (left:cheer message Right: name of the fan club or fan), a small banner(50cm X 110cm), a photo(A4) of star = 369 USD