Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rice Wreath Project for Moon Geun Young's drama 'Goddess of Fire'

Hi Moon Geun Young Lovers and all her fans, Goddess of Fire is fast approaching. We know that everyone is excited right? And part of this another big event of our Moon, for sure there will be a press conference before the premier day.

We the admin from different MGY International Fan Page would like to inform you that we decided to join this big event. Our plan is going to join this rice wreaths program for Goddess of Fire presscon and we aim to target this 200kgs ($750) of rice wreaths with Banner and Tarpaulin.

We're expecting everyone to join this event so that we can help our Moon for her charity program. Rice of 200 kgs will be donated to poor children or people by the name of our Moon Geun Young.

For donations and questions, you can contact us below:
Moon Geun Young Fan Page Admins
Admin_Saii /
Jastine de Mesa -
Paulene Chan -
Lhez Lee -
Trish Han -