Thursday, May 3, 2012

‘The King 2Hearts’ Lee Yoon Ji Keeps Cool Thanks to Moon Geun Young

Though the approaching summer sun may take a toll on any actress and her skin, Lee Yoon Ji is receiving her protection from the harsh sun rays through the help of her fellow agency mate, Moon Geun Young.

On May 2, Lee Yoon Ji’s agency, Namoo Actors, posted pictures of Lee Yoon Ji outdoors on a sunny day, resting in-between shooting for her MBC drama, The King 2Hearts.

The pictures revealed Lee Yoon Ji holding up a fan to shade her face from the bright sunlight. Humorously, the fan had a printed picture of a smiling Moon Geun Young and the other pictures showed Lee looking into Moon’s picture and then cradling the fan next to her face. Namoo Actors wrote, “Lee Yoon Ji, after seeing Moon Geun Young’s face, said she felt like Moon Geun Young was right in front of her which made her burst into giggles.”  

The fan was revealed to have been a promotional item made for Moon Geun Young’s activities in Japan. The Moon Geun Young fan was snatched up by Lee Yoon Ji’s manager in a rush while heading out to film for The King 2Hearts.

Regarding the fan, Lee Yoon Ji went on to say, “Our Geun Young came all the way out here to help cover the sun rays,” and jokingly began to ‘introduce’ Moon Geun Young to the drama staff.

Even though it was done a bit indirectly, it’s nice to see fellow label mates helping each other out in times of need!

Photo credit: Namoo Actors