Friday, May 25, 2012

Moon Geun Young sees the musical Finding Mr. Kim to encourage So Yoo Jin

Recently, actress Moon Geun Young has attended the musical Finding Mr. Kim to encourage So Yoo Jin who is a part of the cast.
On May 25, So tweeted a picture with the comment, “Thank you Geun Young for coming to Finding Mr. Kim tonight. You are an angel inside out! The green-room became excited at her appearance~ Now I only have three performances left. Aww.”
When Moon visited the theatre, she left a proof shot of her being there with some actors of the cast. She is wearing a black cap and making the V sign. She is at her natural state sporting a plain image, but her beauty radiates as well as their friendship.
Netizens who saw the tweet commented: “That’s my girl, Moon Geun Young. She looks pretty simple but pretty.” “So Yoo Jin unnie and Keun Young unnie both look beautiful.” “I like their friendship. It’s awesome. Geun Young seems to be a mature celebrity.” 

Source: Starnews

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  1. whoooooooo whoooooo so pretty mgy... FTW

    missing mgy so much