Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012.07.02 Moon Geun Young's Handwritten Letter to Fans at Angels

A recent handwritten letter by Moon Geun Young to her fans was posted at Angels cafe on July 2nd! In the letter, she apologizes for returning 2 tickets to see Yuna Kim's 'All That Skate' spring ice show, one of many birthday gifts from Moon Geun Young's Angels. 

I'm really sorry.
How you managed to get them, how hard it was to get them,
Even though I know, to return them like this, I'm really sorry.
But eveyone's heart and love, I once again felt 'deeply.'
So..I don't know, maybe that is why I felt I should return them.
Because I am so thankful for that heart, I could not give them to someone else.
But to keep them happily for myself, that seems like a nuisance (to people),
Hmmm..I'm really sorry.
And again, thank you very much.
I will gratefully receive all of your heart and sincerity.
And I will never forget it and treasure it well.
I too feel it is very sad, but I think all of you will feel even more sad and upset. So I am even more, more, more! Sorryᅲ ̭ ᅲ

Although I am returning the tickets, I will receive all of your hearts twofold, threefold.
For loving and taking care of me who still lacks many things,
Thank you very much.
To show a good image as soon as possible, I will try. (+ᄆ+)//

Once again, I am sorry! Sorry~ Really  ᅲ ̭ ᅲ
And even more than that, thank you very much!

-From Geun Young-

source: Angels cafe
credits to and translations by Soompi Moons

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  1. What's the real reason she's returning the tickets?? Oh..why is all her messages so vague and confusing???