Thursday, July 26, 2012

Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young were class mates?

An old picture of actor Song Joong Ki and actress Moon Geun Young was recently released.
An online community posted a picture with the comment, “Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young are waiting for a class together.”
In the picture, Song and Moon, who went to the same university, are waiting for a class outside of the classroom.
Even though it’s hard to see Song because he is surrounded by people, his milky white skin and handsome appearance are still noticeable. Moon is showing off her elegant charms in a yellow cardigan and jean skirt. Her hairstyle and shoes reminded people of her fresh look.
People responded: “Birds of feather flock together. I envy them.” “They were in the same class.” “I’m surprised to hear that the beauty and the handsome are friends.” “Both look fresh.”
Song entered Sungkyukwan University in 2005 majoring business administration and graduated in February of this year. Moon entered the University in 2006 majoring Korean language and literature. She will graduate this fall.

source: TVReport 
credits: Koreadotcom