Saturday, July 7, 2012

Moon Geun Young Plans to Make a Drama Comeback in the Second Half of the Year

'The nation's little sister' Moon Geun Young is calmly preparing for a comeback. Although an exact confirmation about her next project cannot be drawn, she is at least calmly choosing her next project with plans of making a comeback in the second half of the year.

Multiple officials revealed, "Because the expectation from the public is high, there's a lot of worry about her project selection, but with the thought of making a comeback in the second half of the year, she is choosing her next project. Placing weight on a drama rather than a movie, she is in the process of choosing."

Since the 2010 KBS 2TV drama 'Marry Me, Mary,' Moon Geun Young has been taking a break and resuming her academic studies. Despite having had no acting activities for nearly two years, she has been receiving love calls for advertisments, movies and dramas, as interest for her appearance remains hot. From her school life to her every move, it has been reported to the media.

Love calls from broadcasters still remain fierce from dramas requiring an actress in her 20s, and it is to the extent that Moon Geun Young's name is never missing from movie (castings). One official said, "All drama scenarios are safe if even just once Moon Geun Young makes an appearance. It seems because there are so many projects to choose from, there is a lot of worry."

Meanwhile, Moon Geun Young most recently posted selcas on her mini homepage (cyworld), conveying what she has been up to.

source: Newsen

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons

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