Thursday, July 12, 2012

2012.07.04 Fan Accounts of Moon Geun Young Sightings

wo separate fan accounts of Moon Geun Young sightings on July 4th were recently posted at DCBH. The admins of Soompi Moons have translated them below. Enjoy!

I Spotted Actress Moon Geun Young. (2012/07/04)

A few days ago, I saw her at Daehangno (an area in Seoul designated as the 'street of culture')
She was riding in a white Kia K-5 (car).
In the driver's seat, there was a man. Whether he was her manager, friend or boyfriend, I don't know
Because I've normally been a fan of hers, it was good to see her by chance
In the vicinity, for about 10 minutes, I was watching Moon Geun Young's behavior hehe
Wearing a hat and keeping her head down, she passed by a crowd of people so quickly that no one recognized her
For someone who until recently was the nation's little sister and is still ranked 0 (i.e. higher than 1st) among movie and drama female leads, the car was ordinary.
Or does she have a good car of her own

I Saw Moon Geun Young in My Neighborhood... (2012/07/04)

.......Going to exercise..  I dragged my mountain bike and went out ...
While waiting for the traffic signal, I looked to the side..
Because she was speaking over the phone...I waited..
As soon as she finished..I said Hello~..Yes~ Nice to meet you ^_^
I nearly proposed (marriage) to her..
Since her height was more petite than I had thought.. she was cute..........ㅠㅠ
Photo...because it seems she had no make-up on.. it ended with a greeting and a handshake...
Should I wash my hand..or not...;;

source: DCBH
translation: Soompi Moons

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  1. thanks for the update. for me this is wonderful news...chance meeting with our favorite actress. I hope to read more fan accounts like this.