Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012.12.27 Cyworld Update

이 불안함은,
왜 자꾸 나를 따라다니나

This anxiety,
why it keeps on haunting me


Where - Mi (Bad Guy OST)

credits and translation: MGYIFC


  1. do u know what make me really like mgy's fan? this is because a loyal fan of mgy is always support her and they know how to appreciate other actors/ actresses who acting besides her including moon chae won, shin so yool, shin se kyung and others. a loyal fan is never give negative comments which have intention more on insulting and condemning other actors/ actresses rather than criticism for advice or opinion. although if the individual is a die hard fan for a certain actors/ actresses, they supposedly support the other actors/ actresses which is also act together with their favorite one instead of only biassed and continually praises their actors/ actresses are really good in acting while the others is not, only their actors/ actresses is understand better their character in drama/ movie while the other lead which is also act in the same drama is not or in other word, only their favorite actor that make the story run smoothly. As a fan, we should learn that without other actors, the actors which they are really like can't stand to act alone because if someone only talk to themselves, we only can call that person is crazy/ delusion. that's why, we also need to support the other. plus, our favorite one will always cooperate which different actors especially in kdrama land. so, what we as a loyal fan can do for our favorite artists is we support them and appreciate their edge, while give an advice for their weakness because they are also human being like us who always need a support from us. We need to learn that somehow our biassed judgement in the public site can make the people which is already a fan of the actress feel pissed off which their comment which is always blaming and questioning every single acting of the actress with more on negative attention while give high applaud to their die hard favorite actor can make the person who just starting to became the fan of the actors stop from love him even more. Therefore, i also happy to be a part of mgy's fan. mgy fighting!

    1. That's because MGY's fans try to take after MGY, who is considerate and understanding, and because we want to be a good representation to her. Also, because we know that she wouldn't like it if we talk bad about others. She's a very selfless person, even Nam Goong Min said that MGY isn't like the other selfish actresses. So fans try to be considerate to other celebs too. It's not that we can't criticize other celebs, it's that we try not to for MGY.

      IMO, when other fans are inconsiderate to other people it's a reflection of their own character, and it damages the image of whichever celeb they supposedly like. Instead of saying negative things about other people, they shouldn't say anything at all.

      It's easier to think of it like this. There's many different kinds of people on the internet, and in the world. There's some good, kind, considerate people, and there's those who are not so nice, mean, bitter, jealous, resentful, etc. No need to bother concerning yourselves with them. Just need to realize that there are lots of sad people in the world, and to ignore them :D It'll make your life that much easier.

      Peace V(^-^)Happy new years!

    2. thanks a lot for your wonderful advice. i always remind myself about many types of people in this world, bad or good,positive or negative. basically, all humans are same. it just our decision and followed by action make us been judged as bad or good by other humans and god and just to remind myself, that why heaven and hell been created. just some time, i feel like myself was been hurt after read some negative comment and try to tolerate and accept a kind of people which have different opinion with me.but, your comment make me feel more cheer, be grateful,more respectful and appreciate to any type of people around me. thank again for your wonderful words happy new year and may God blessed us :-D

    3. I'm glad you found it helpful, mgyfan :) Just ignore negative people, they're not worth fretting over. I think the fact that we like Moon Geun Young brings us together because we can support her and wish for her best. I think it's a gift that we've been able to find a star like MGY, who is genuine and does her best for her fans :)

  2. I'm glad to be the part of mgy's fans. Really proud of Bong {}