Saturday, December 1, 2012

Moon Geun Young’s ‘Cheongdamdong Alice’ co-stars Park Si Hoo and Kim Ji Suk are her fan boys?

Moon Geun Young revealed her thoughts on returning to the entertainment scene after her two-year hiatus.

On November 28th’s airing of ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, Moon Geun Young commented, “Two years seem to have just passed by me. I just hung out.”

She continued, “When I was resting, my heart was really at ease, and I thought ‘acting is something I could just do easily.’ Even just today I have already heard many times that it has been two years and that made me very scared.”

Her ‘Chundamdong Alice‘ co-stars Park Si Hoo and Kim Ji Suk were also present for the interview. Park Si Hoo commented on Moon Geun Young’s youthful beauty, “It was very nice to see her again. I’ve noticed while working with her that her face is unrealistic. It was like working with someone from a romantic comic, and I could not tell if this was reality or fantasy.”

Kim Ji Suk also shared, ”I was always a fan of hers, so I ate everything that she did an advertisement for like vitamin drinks and yogurts. She makes me want to eat [the products].“

credits: allkpop